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Annual sales of e-scooters exceeded 10,000 in 2015 – an outstanding achievement
Organization: Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA        Publish Date: 2016-01-07 11:48
The MOEA began to promote electric scooters (e-scooters) in 2009, and for the first time, the annual sales exceeded 10,000 in 2015 (the goal in 2015 was 9,000). The cumulative number of e-scooters is now about 43,000. The MOEA also promoted e-scooter rentals to provide tourists with a new type of clean and low-carbon tourism. Through the input of government resources, the number of e-scooter rentals for tourism reached 6,981. The e-scooter has clearly become a new type of eco-friendly tourism transportation.
In addition, in order to add value to e-scooters, the MOEA began assisting e-scooter manufacturers in developing innovative business models by introducing the Internet of Vehicles (IOV) in 2013. Taking Gogoro as one example, the concept of IOV is to monitor e-scooter conditions via the Internet, and deliver the information to the control center instantly. This system can monitor e-scooter conditions as well as the safety of riders, and inform customers of maintenance requirements as well as provide safety services. The MOEA began also assisted Gogoro in developing battery exchange business model (buy e-scooters and rent batteries) in Taipei City and New Taipei City beginning in August of 2015. The number of Gogoro e-scooters is currently 3,261, with approximately 600 Gogoro e-scooters being added to that number each month.
In addition to expanding the domestic demand market, the MOEA is also actively assisting e-scooter manufacturers in expanding the overseas market. The Deputy Director-General of the MOEA’s Industrial Development Bureau, Cheng-hua Lu, visited Yamaha Motor in Japan in October of 2015, and promoted Taiwan’s e-scooters as well as its key component production and R&D base for the Yamaha Motor Group to trade e-scooters back to Japan as well as other countries. Last year, 784 e-scooters made by Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co. were traded back to Japan. In addition, the MOEA is also helping Gogoro develop European marketing strategies. Gogoro plans to open a flagship shop in Amsterdam in the first half year of 2016. Through helping manufacturers trade e-scooters and set up branches abroad, the MOEA is gradually assisting manufacturers in expanding the overseas market.
Contact Organization: Metal and Mechanical Industrial Division, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Contact Person: Mr. Yang
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