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A Small Business, a Giant to Be! Beginning from Families, and Creates Industrial Vitality.
Organization: Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA        Publish Date: 2016-01-20 13:45
A small business, a giant to be! Starting from the technology of smartwatch, and subsequently breaking out of the traditional ODM/ODM mold with the assistance from key branch of the Transformation Services Corps for Industrial Upgrading at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Guider Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully increased orders from businesses in Taiwan and Mainland China. Furthermore, shifting focus from hardware to software by skipping device installation business model and actively developing into the family-oriented cloud integration services, Guider Technology has provided families with products and services by offering interactive ICT solutions for prompt safety care, health management, and medical information.
According to Guider Technology, through the assistance of key branch of the Transformation Services Corps, Guider Technology has transformed from a “high tech company with technical know-how” into a "people-oriented service company". The achievements are well demonstrated in the services provided to the seniors through science and technology, including: home care, health management, medical services, and so forth. In addition, the key branch has also assisted Guider Technology in correctly increasing investment, and expanding its the global market. Driven by the investment returns, it is estimated that, during 2015~2017, additional economic benefits of NT$180 million production value will be realized, as well as 32 to 38 new jobs will be created.
According to Industrial Development Bureau at Ministry of Economic Affairs, Guider Technology is Taiwan’s first company to offer the as-needed integrated services that incorporate smart devices into "family-based" health needs. This experience may further help other domestic businesses such as cloud platforms and health services providers in developing value-added distributions and services.
Currently, Guider Technology is actively engaged on a global scale in promoting the “Guidercare” brand recognition and arrangement of distribution channels, aiming to establish an integrated platform where “family-based” residential retirement and living services are provided throughout communities. Guider Technology’s achievements not only serve as a landmark for the health care cloud services in Taiwan, but also provide a success model for industrial transformation and services upgrade under the central government’s developmental policies. In the future, Guider Technology will continue to actively follow the guidance from the key branch, taking the opportunity of interdisciplinary applications in a variety of services, thus creating new values in our industry.
Contact Organization: Information Technology Industries Division, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Contact Person: Mr.Chien
Contact Phone: (02)2754-1255 ext.2211
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