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BSMI establishes safety footwear standards to protect workers
Organization: Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, M.O.E.A., R.O.C.        Publish Date: 2016-06-23 12:35
The Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) has established a series of standards since 2015 to enhance safety footwear quality and to protect workers' safety. The move is expected to upgrade domestic practices to international standards.

The four new standards are as follows:
"CNS 20344 Personal protective equipment - Test methods for footwear"
"CNS 20345 Personal protective equipment - Safety footwear"
"CNS 20346 Personal protective equipment - Protective footwear"
"CNS 20347 Personal protective equipment - Occupational footwear"

These standards apply to footwear worn to work environments that are prone to cause machine injuries, electric shocks and electrostatic discharge. The standards also apply to shoes for heavy work, light work and in-between work.

The new standards were modeled after the latest ISO standard (ISO 20344) and they now replace old standards "CNS 6863 Protective footwear" and "CNS 8878 Anti-electrostatic footwear," which were both modeled after JIS standards.

The new standards have the following distinctions:
1.Footwear made from materials such as leather, all rubber, all plastic and others is subject to the new standards. The old standards only apply to footwear made from leather and all rubber.
2.Tests on moisture permeability and pH of materials, as well as ergonomics assessment, are applied to increase comfortability in footwear.
3.Wearing resistance tests on the inner liner, shoe pads and shoe bottom are performed to increase longevity of footwear.
4.Optional tests on electric insulation, shoe bottom temperature insulation, water proof ability, knee-ankle protection, cut resistance and heat resistance are carried out to meet the needs of different work environments.

The standards serve as a guideline for not only manufacturers and designers, but also the public when making a purchase. Safety footwear is designed to protect feet against injuries. Workers should follow Occupational Safety and Health Act and work procedures, wear safety footwear properly and take good care of the footwear to ensure effective protection and work safety.

A comparison chart of the old and new standards can be accessed at more information, please visit CNS Online Service at
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