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New Website Launched to Attract Global Talent to Taiwan
Organization: Department of Investment Services, Ministry of Economic Affairs        Publish Date: 2016-07-06 10:53
On June 28 the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) launched a new website, "Contact Taiwan"(, to attract international professionals to work in Taiwan by providing them with information about the island and its industrial advantages as well as serving as a platform on which domestic talent seekers and foreign job seekers can make contact and communicate with each other.
At the launching ceremony, Economics Minister Chih-Kung Lee stressed that the key to the development of new economic models in Taiwan is outstanding talent. Besides bringing overseas talent to the island, he said, we should also bring in new technologies, new capital, and new opportunities. The attraction of top talent from around the world will not only upgrade the innovation and R&D capabilities of Taiwan's industries, but will also help boost economic growth.
The MOEA carries out talent recruitment mainly to fill the needs of five key innovative industries: biomedicine, Asian Silicon Valley, intelligent machinery, green energy, and national defense. In developing these industries, Taiwan needs the participation of international professionals. To assure such participation, in addition to the original focus on Europe, the U.S.A., and Japan, Taiwan will use a variety of methods in coordination with its "New Southbound Policy" to expand its recruitment markets to overseas areas such as ASEAN and India with the aim of bringing in talent from those areas to inject new energy into Taiwan's industries.
The MOEA's new "Contact Taiwan" website is designed to fill the job vacancies of domestic industries by recruiting overseas talent. It also provides consultation to foreign professionals and offers them a cyber-physical one-stop platform that combines virtual services with dedicated services by real people. In addition, the website introduces the advantages of Taiwan's industries, enabling overseas professionals to learn about the strong international competitiveness of those industries and making them more eager to pursue their careers in Taiwan.
The website provides friendly and differentiated services as well as information on Taiwan's overall situation, living and working conditions, immigration and visas, cases of successful expatriate careers in Taiwan, and FAQs. This information helps overseas professionals to understand Taiwan's working conditions, living environment, and laws and regulations; and this understanding will, hopefully, increase the attraction of Taiwan for them. The MOEA welcomes people from all sectors to make use of the new "Contact Taiwan" website.

Spokesperson of the Department of Investment Services:
Mr. Jien-Ping Wang, Deputy Director General
Telephone: (02) 2389-2111 ext. 810
Contact person:
Mr. Q.J. Gao, Acting Section Chief
Tel: (02) 2389-2111 ext. 516
Mobil Phone: 0937-854-041
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