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A tour of green energy and smart machinery industries: understanding the development of guided industries
Organization: Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA        Publish Date: 2016-08-12 17:12
On August 5, 2016, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Chih-Kung Lee and other government officials visited the Linkou Power Plant, an important green energy facility and Evergreen Aviation Precision Corporation (EGAP), a manufacturer of and service provider for smart aerospace technologies to better understand the implementation of the Ministry’s effort in advising innovative industries.

Taipower’s Linkou Power Plant was established in 1968 to support the nation’s soaring industrial economy. The power plant was the major electrical supplier in Northern Taiwan and formed a stable foundation for the country’s economic growth and industrial development. In 2014, the power plant initiated a refurbishing expansion plan to become Taiwan’s first high efficiency, low pollution ultra supercritical coal-fired thermal power generating unit, resulting in an increase of power generating efficiency from 38% to 44.93%. In other words, less coal is being used to generate more power. The plant has also invested up to NT$4 billion in environmental friendly equipment to reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, in order to maintain a sustainable environment, Linkou Power Plant is committed to the repopulation of the Taiwanese Wild Lilies on surrounding grounds and is conducting environmental and energy education activities with nearby elementary schools.

In order to leverage future potential aerospace business opportunities for the development of aerospace industry and to be in line with the National Defense Aerospace Industry Innovative Research and Development Plan, which aims to add value to the industry, EGAP has invested in research and development of air frame, engine systems, and components. Under the guidance of the IDB’s Industrial Enhancement and Innovation Program, EGAP developed a new generation of LEAP-X aero-engine combustor key assembly technology and has since become the official supplier for Boeing and GE Aviation. There are plans to develop a second domestic aerospace supply chain and construct a more comprehensive supply chain to upgrade the aerospace industry production model. MOEA Minister, Lee Chih-kung, emphasized that the Ministry of Economic Affairs will continue to focus on innovation initiatives for five core domestic industries for the promotion of industrial development, enhance international engagement, and stimulate the country’s economic development.
Contact Organization: Industrial Policy Division , Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
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