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Film studio in Tainan still in conceptual stage
Organization: Department of International Cooperation        Publish Date: 2016-10-21 15:11
Source: China Post (10/17/2016), Taipei Times (10/17/2016)

The government is considering building a large movie studio hub in Taiwan to boost the film industry at Oscar-winning director Ang Lee's suggestion, Premier Lin Chuan said on Oct. 16.
Tainan Mayor William Lai posted a plan on his Facebook page on Oct. 16, saying the Premier gave the nod to the idea to build a world-class movie studio hub in Tainan. Though the project is still in the early conceptual stage, the Executive Yuan is now assessing the plan, and the Tainan City Government is also providing suggestions.
According to Lai's Facebook post, the premier had a meeting with director Lee earlier this month, during which they exchanged views on the development of Taiwan's entertainment and media industry. Lee recommended building an international film studio at Tainan City's Shalun Farm (owned by the Taiwan Sugar Corp), which has high development potential with its flat landscape and accessibility. The Premier expressed support for the proposal and optimism that it would help nurture and retain local professionals in the movie industry as well as attract talented film directors from all over the world to consider shooting films in Taiwan.
The premier also said the proposal would not only boost the movie industry but also spur economic growth and bring tourism benefits to Taiwan. He instructed Culture Minister Cheng Li-Chiun to include the project as one of the major administrative items, according Lai's post.
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