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Leading the internationalization of the testing technology for green energy products - the 42th Taipei International Electronics Show (TAITRONICS) ended with huge success
Organization: Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, M.O.E.A., R.O.C.        Publish Date: 2016-12-07 09:48
In response to the rise of global environmental awareness and the demand for green energy, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BSMI) has been actively establishing Standards, Testing and Certification technology for green energy products. This is to gear up domestic testing and certification technology with global trend. In order to enhance the competitiveness of domestic industries, to expand worldwide markets, and the mutual communication of certification technologies, the Bureau especially set up a "Pavilion of the Certification for Green Energy Application" at the 42th Taipei International Electronics Show held at October 6-9, 2016. Apart from well-known local electronics manufacturers, the show also included international exhibitors from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, the United States, France, Indonesia, Singapore and mainland China. Nearly 30,000 domestic and foreign buyers and industry participants visited the four-day exhibition. Domestic and foreign testing and certification bodies and testing equipment suppliers have been invited to showcase the means of green energy product testing. The site also displayed a real "Small Wind Turbine" and a model of a "PV Module Testing Laboratory." These were the highlights that attracted domestic manufacturers and academic experts alike. At the same time, these features also raised public awareness of the importance of green energy testing and certification.

BSMI indicated that it has been working with the Taiwan Electric Research and Testing Center (TERTEC), Taiwan Electronics Testing Center (ETC), Metal Industries Research and Development Center and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (MIRDC) to set up platforms for six emerging energies. These include testing equipment for LED indoor and outdoor lighting systems, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, PV power generation systems, wind power systems, bio-fuel systems, fuel cells and other green energy products. This is to establish the national standards, testing and certification platforms. It will help the relative products to obtain domestic and international certifications and to enhance the development of overseas markets. Major achievements are as follows:

1.Renewable Energy Certification platform:
The Taiwan Electric Research and Testing Center (TERTEC) and the BSMI have been working together to build certification platforms for PV systems, small and medium scale wind turbines, fuel cells, and to harmonize national standards with international standards. Apart from that, the cooperation also aims to set up the PV modules safety and performance testing and PV secondary standard cell calibration equipment, and to conduct accelerated aging reliability research for different types of PV modules. A small and medium scale wind turbine test site has also been built in Penghu to help manufacturers acquire domestic and international certifications. A fuel cell system certification platform has also been established. The two parties have also been actively participating in the working group of international standards organizations (IEC and ISO) in order to develop national standards for fuel cell systems, backup power stations for telecommunication base stations and low pressure hydrogen storage vessel. The TERTEC support government's green energy policy through testing service provision for the industries and certification environment perfection in Taiwan.

2.Energy-saving Certification platform:
The Taiwan Electronics Testing Center (ETC) and the BSMI have been working together to set up a "Refrigeration and Air Conditioning R&D Testing Center" in Taoyuan. Apart from catering for the certification needs of the domestic refrigeration and air conditioning industry, the Testing Center is also positioned to be the national laboratory and it is planned to go round robin test with overseas laboratory every year in order to ensure the conformability of testing. The ETC provides services for air conditioners, heat pump water heaters, refrigerators, and the performance and safety regulations of household appliances requiring water. This cooperation established the "LED Lighting Inspection and Certification Platform." Apart from the construction of performance testing equipment such as LED light with light curve instrument, light biological detection equipment and 3-meter spheres, the two parties have also been working on the construction of a luminous flux and light intensity LED secondary calibration laboratory which will provide international standard testing services for the domestic industry. It will effectively save the time and cost needed for the industry to send the parts overseas for testing.

3.Bio-energy Certification platform:
The plant-based alternative fuels are the bio-fuel or chemical materials which are converted from agricultural and forestry wastes. These fuels have the environmental benefit of reducing carbon emissions. The BSMI has established a number of national standards and testing techniques, covering bio-ethanol and biodiesel for consumer protection and fair trade. Though the compulsory addition of 2% biodiesel into diesel policy was ceased in 2014, the BSMI still has been investigating the impact of long-term storage of biodiesel on the quality of oil products in Taiwan. The Bureau has also been helping domestic plant-based alternative fuels manufacturers and the public to acquire both the advantages and limitations of alternative fuels. This helps not only the expansion of domestic renewable energy usage but also the achievement of the carbon reduction goal.

4.Offshore Wind Energy Certification platform:
In order to promote the development of domestic offshore wind turbine industry, the BSMI and the Metal Industries Research and Development Center (MIRDC) are building offshore wind turbine standards, inspection and certification capacity together. It aims to provide international class certification service of offshore wind turbines for domestic industries and global companies as well. At present, a offshore wind turbine testing site located at Taichung Port is under construction. The testing site can perform type testing of whole offshore wind turbine and the relevant key component certification, assisting local companies to get international testing reports and certifications, thereby leading the domestic offshore wind turbine industry into global market. The BSMI strives to establish standards, testing and certification platforms to lead the development of the domestic green energy industry. It also requests the Chinese Testing and Certification Association (CTCA) to integrate domestic and international testing and certification authorities to promote the development of the testing and certification industry. The "Pavilion of the Certification for Green Energy Application" this year has also included international testing and certification companies such as SGS Taiwan and UL of Taiwan. They provide green energy testing and certification services to enhance the value of green energy products.

Agency in charge: Inspection Techniques Division (6th Division)
Contact person: Section Chief Chen Chen-Hsiung
Telephone: +886-2-8648-8065 Mobile No.:0922-342-459
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