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MOEA Minister Visited the First Offshore Wind Turbines in Taiwan
Organization: Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs        Publish Date: 2016-12-14 11:00
Minister Chih-Kung Lee of Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) visited the first offshore wind turbine in Miaoli County, and was briefed by Mr. Chao-Yang Tsai, Chairman of the Swancor Ind Co.,Ltd. Minister Lee commented that the two offshore wind turbines installed by Formosa Wind Power Co., Ltd. signify not only a pioneering endeavor of Taiwan, but also a milestone for renewable energy development. Minister Lee also expressed appreciation to Chairman Tsai and his team for years of commitment so that Taiwan's first offshore wind turbine can be realized. Minister Lee expects the completion of rest of the wind farm to be on time so as to fulfill the energy transition and move Taiwan toward a nuclear-free homeland.

Chairman Tsai indicated that Formosa accomplished this tough mission in spite of various challenges during the process of installation, such as bad weather conditions and technical obstacles. The two turbines are scheduled to be commissioned in the first quarter of next year, supplying power to 8,000 households with carbon reduction equivalent to 40 Daan Forest Parks. More importantly, the confidence is granted that the following offshore wind projects can be completed through this successful experience.

Considering that Taiwan faces challenging conditions such as typhoons, earthquakes, and lack of experience, MOEA promotes offshore wind power based on the principle of "shallow water before deep water; demonstration before zonal development," said Bureau of Energy (BOE). MOEA promulgated "Offshore Demonstration Incentive Program" on 3rd July 2012, and three demonstration developers were selected in 2013. Through the developing process undertaken together by MOEA and Formosa, it is understood that local developers cannot develop wind farms on their own during current stage, since there are still many obstacles which have to be overcome, including the negotiations between stakeholders, the lack of professional construction fleets, the shortage of ports for storage or pre-assembling of wind turbines, towers, foundations, project finance, etc. After four years of striving efforts, the two offshore demonstration turbines were finally installed at the end of October in 2016.

MOEA and relevant industries have accumulated technical strengths and experience through the promotion of demonstration projects. Therefore MOEA announced the "Directions of Zone Application for Planning (ZAP)" and open potential zones in July 2015, enabling more developers to initiate investigation and planning in advance. MOEA will then implement the scheme of Zonal Development for offshore wind farms with commercial scale, while government will attend to Strategic Environmental Assessment, infrastructure, and administrative negotiations.

To ensure energy security and to respond to climate change, the government has set a target of 20 % of electricity generation from renewable sources by 2025 to demonstrate aggressive ambition of renewable energy development focusing on PV and wind power. The target of installed capacity for offshore wind is 3 GW with approximately 11.1 TWh of green electricity, increasing the share of annual electricity generation to 4.3 %, and is expected to stimulate NT$540 billion in private investment.

BOE indicates that, in order to accelerate the development of renewable energy, the Executive Yuan has established "Office of Energy and Carbon Reductions" to facilitate negotiation regarding national land planning, marine spatial integration, grid-connection engineering, fishery right, construction quayside, navigational safety, and legal barrier. MOEA will dedicate to support developers in accordance with the Executive Yuan's policy to accelerate offshore wind development, and to drive the development of relevant industries, so as to achieve transition toward green economy for Taiwan.

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