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Taiwan and Germany sign energy transition cooperation joint declaration
Organization: Department of International Cooperation        Publish Date: 2016-12-23 16:09
Taiwan and Germany sign energy transition cooperation joint declaration

Taiwan and Germany signed a joint declaration of intent on cooperation in the field of energy transition on Dec. 21 to strengthen cooperative efforts on related issues.

With limited natural energy resources, Taiwan relies on imports to meet 97% of its energy needs. Accelerating energy transition in Taiwan and developing the green energy sector to cope with the rapidly changing domestic and international energy environment have become important policies of the government.

The MOEA has launched energy transition and electricity sector liberalization initiatives aimed at establishing a low-carbon, sustainable, stable, high-quality and economically efficient energy system.

Germany now generates some 30% of its total electricity from renewable energies, including solar, wind, biofuels and hydro. It is also a leader in the development, design, production, and installation of renewable energy facilities, and its renewable energy policies serve as reference for the rest of the world.

"The Joint Declaration of Intent on Cooperation in the Field of Energy Transition will realize and strengthen bilateral cooperation on energy transition issues, including knowledge- and experience-sharing on policies, management, energy technologies, and the promotion of clean energy," the Bureau of Energy said.
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