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Oil exploration technology research publication whose cooperation between industries and academia was remarkable
Organization: Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs        Publish Date: 2016-12-30 14:59
"2016 Petroleum Development Technology Research Plan Results Announcement" was held in CPC Corporation's Exploration and Development Research Institute in Miaoli on December, 9, 2016. The Petroleum Development Technology Research Plan was inducted by Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).The event has attracted more than 200 oil elites to share and exchange their experiences with one another. Fourteen program results were published in this event. It is beneficial to enhance petroleum exploration and development technology and to promote the cooperation between industries and academia.

The results of 2016 Petroleum Development Technology Research Plan are brilliant. The target regions include the popular foreign mining areas in Chad, Congo, United States, and Hsinchu-Mialoli, Southwest and specific Western Areas in Taiwan. The related assessment and technical analysis results can be used as the significant reference for decision-making of the subsequent development of oil exploration. In addition, the academia has completed the facies and sequence stratigraphic analysis of Oligocene syn-rift sequence in western Taiwan, as well as the comparative study of central African rifts and rifts offshore western Taiwan. A study of production mechanisms and reserves estimate in brine gas has been made. The results are beneficial for subsequent drilling or production planning and can enhance the possibility of success in production development.

The Bureau of Energy indicated that since 2002, the domestic oil industry has been inducted to engage in research works of exploration, development, and integrated technologies for oil and natural gas. Over the past years, 643 journals and seminar papers, 195 research reports were published. In addition, with regards to the technology application, 66 items of technologies have been introduced and 69 items of technical breakthroughs are reached. It is beneficial for industries to apply research results in actual exploration and development works.

The Bureau of Energy further indicated that the foundation for exploration technology has been established through investment in technology research and development by all the parties. For the exploration and development of oil and gas program, there are 64 cases, including 10 cases eligible for the successful exploration of oil and gas, total new increase of about 1.888 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves and approximately 34.58 million barrels of crude oil reserves. The results are remarkable and the ongoing efforts will be made to promote related programs in the future.

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