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All Sectors Supporting for Renewable Energy Development, MOEA Making Every Effort in Achieving Energy Transition
Organization: Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs        Publish Date: 2017-02-24 16:04
The Green Power Pilot Program was initiated as a trial scheme by Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in 2014. Under the three-year promotion, the number of electricity users who voluntarily purchased green power has grown from 531 to more than 7,000, while the consumption of green power has grown from 4.35 million kWh to more than 270 million kWh. Compared to the first year, the number of customers has increased by twelve times, and the amount of traded green power has increased by sixty-one times in 2016. These facts show that more and more people have confidence in the program and are willing to join.

Under the current scheme, sales revenue of green power would flow into the Renewable Energy Development Fund. According to the Renewable Energy Development Act, the fund can can be disbursed for the purpose of developing renewable energy applications, such as feed-in tariff subsidy, demonstration and promotion, etc. Therefore, the more green power is purchased, the more funding is available to develop renewable energy.

To express gratitude to community sectors for their support for the Green Power Pilot Program, MOEA holds a praise convention at Huashan 1914 Creative Park today. In addition to business customers, MOEA recognizes coffee shop, religious group and environmental organization customers this year. These new types of green power customers are close to the general public in daily life, so their participation would make the public experience a greener lifestyle, such as drinking cups of coffee sold from those coffee shops, or lighting up ceremonial use of lamps in temples with green power.

Mr. Chih-Kung Lee, Minister of MOEA says, "To respond non-governmental sectors' support to renewable energy, MOEA will push energy transition more actively." He also indicates that, in order to realize energy transition and achieve the target of "Nuclear-free Homeland", MOEA has formulated the Two-year Solar Power Promotion Plan and the Four-year Wind Power Promotion Plan, and finished drafting the amendment of "The Electricity Act". After the third reading process of the amendment, a more sound electricity market environment for green energy development, investment and use would be established.

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