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2017 APEC Electronic Commerce Steering Group (ECSG) Officially Agrees Chinese Taipei's Proposal to Host "IDEAS Show at APEC Innovation"
Organization: Department of Commerce        Publish Date: 2017-02-24 17:56
Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has promoted the development of social e-commerce for nearly 10 years. In recent years, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has supported Micro, Small, and Medium-Size Enterprises (MSMEs) to develop innovative-related topics. According to the 2016 LEADERS’ DECLARATION of APEC, innovation is a key driver of quality growth. This is to respond to the APEC 2017 Vietnam priorities that strengthen MSMEs’ competitiveness and innovation in the digital age. Hence, to continue the experience of hosting “IDEAS Show @ APEC” in 2016, MOEA proposed to host 2017 “IDEAS Show @ APEC Innovation” in Taipei this July.

On behalf of Chinese Taipei, the representative of Department of Commerce, MOEA, attended the ECSG meeting of APEC in Vietnam today(24th), proposed to host 2017 “IDEAS Show @ APEC Innovation” in Taipei this July. This proposal was successfully gained collective support from three member economies, including Vietnam, Peru, and Russia, and was endorsed at ECSG. Department of Commerce of MOEA hopes help innovative ideas from startups to move into the global market, and innovation ecosystem to be even perfect with the exchanging among APEC member economies.

The “2017 IDEAS Show @ APEC innovation” event will be gathering startups from APEC member economies to exchange opinions with field experts and startups on the topic of Asia-Pacific social e-commerce. Through holding conferences and campaigns, we aim at facilitating cooperation of commercial technology applications and connecting APEC member economies, entrepreneurs, and international venture capitals to promote the development in APEC region.

It was the first year that IDEAS Show started the cooperation with APEC in 2016. The two-day event gathered startups from APEC member economies, including India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippine, Israel, Singapore, United States, Vietnam, and Japan. There were 16 startups from 15 countries, in which 9 countries are from APEC member economies. This Campaign attracted more than 3,000 people to attend. With APEC connection, the participating startups would have attracted more international venture capitals’ attention, and moved into the global market.

IDEAS Show meets its first decade this year. In the past nine years, we have incubated 301 startups in the country to publicize on the IDEAS Show publication platform, and led over 300 startups to international contests and exhibitions. With resulting in total merger cases of five and a total investment of at least 8.2 Billion NTD, the outcome has been remarkable. IDEAS Show will actively gather more domestic and the world’s industry experts and startups, in the hope of creating a better entrepreneurial ecosystem for digital economy in the future.

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