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The Three-Stage Reading Process for Electricity Act Amendment Completed Moving Towards the 2025 Target of Nuclear-Free Homeland
Organization: Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs        Publish Date: 2017-03-01 09:27
Through the efforts of the legislators from all parties, the Electricity Act Amendment successfully completes the third reading process. The electricity market is ready to enter into a new era.

Mr. Chih-Kung Lee, Minister of Economic Affairs (MOEA) is glad since he had promised to complete the task of the amendment within one year of taking office. While it involves the efforts and cooperation of many people and groups, MOEA expresses sincere gratitude to them.

The Electricity Act Amendment highlights Taiwan's determination and efforts in developing the renewable energy and achieving the energy transformation. It is also the most critical step toward Taiwan's 2025 nuclear-free homeland target. The domestic electricity market business model and a "green power first, multi-supply" electricity system is reestablished. The system not only facilitates the rapid development of the green energy such as the renewable energy and other low-carbon energy sources so that the gap in energy supply after the nuclear power decommissioning can be filled, but also legally supports the investment, research and employment in green energy industries.

The key directions for this amendment are as follows:

1. Allow the renewable energy generation industries to sell electricity through wholesale, wheeling or direct sales. Allow the renewable energy companies to be operated by other types (such as the cooperatives)rather than the limited companies.

2. Fully release the users' power purchasing choices and allow all users to choose either the electricity generated from green energy or from the traditional energy resources.

3. MOEA will set up the Electricity Tariff Examination Council, the Electricity Industry Mediation Commission, and the Electricity Reliability Commission, and assign the electric power industry regulatory authority to ensure the users' rights and interests so that the fair market competition and electricity price stability can be maintained.

4. Clearly state that the target of nuclear-free homeland will be achieved by 2025

MOEA points out that the Electricity Act Amendment this time adopts the principle of "green energy first", and relaxes the restrictions so that the renewable energy can be sold to customers by wholesale, wheeling, and direct sales. In the next stage, electricity from other traditional energy resources will be opened to general retailing companies through direct selling and wheel. The current amendment will create a favorable environment for the development of renewable energy. The goals of the environmental sustainability, energy diversification and energy independence can also be achieved. The MOEA promises to keep the basic residential electricity prices from rising for the time being, and provide multiple choices for users, therefore by preferences the users can choose to buy electricity from the renewable energy suppliers other than the Taiwan Power Company.

In addition, the amendment can also lead the development for innovative technology and business model, promote the investment of the electricity infrastructure, increase the demand for talents in related industries, improve employment opportunities, and facilitate the domestic economic development.

The operational details for the actual implementation will be completed by the detail planning of the related sub-law and supporting mechanisms. Interested parties and relevant civil society will also be invited to participate in the process. It is expected that by all parties' cooperation, a sound electricity market can be established.

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