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Energy-saving innovation for water-ware products.
Organization: Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA        Publish Date: 2017-03-10 11:46
The water-ware industry is one of the core industries in Taiwan. In the last few years, rising production costs in developing economies like China and Southeast Asian countries have made the manufacturing business model less profitable, offering lower margins and a decrease in productivity. This has triggered for Taiwanese industry a gradual shift away from manufacturing towards other activities such as innovation, design and brand marketing.

The Hydrotek Corporation is one example that has shifted away from manufacturing to innovation design and brand marketing. The new-generation product, the infrared feeler faucet, utilizes innovative ITRI technology such as the circuit board, solar panels and system for a unique product. The product innovation reduces the power, cutting by 1/5 the battery cost to create market value, which has risen by more than NT$3.9 billion for 1,300 pieces. After this successful experience, the Hydrotek Corporation is carrying its ability to integrate the industrial chain through new R&D, innovation technology and design experience to access new markets.

Furthermore, the water-ware industry has built much of its successful experience by cooperating with the commercialization and industrial service center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), supported by the Ministry of Economic Affair’s industrial upgrading and transformation project. In 2016, Taiwan’s plumbing consulting team was established, and is expected to lead the industry to a sustainable future via innovation technology, the integration of intelligent manufacturing, R&D in lead-free materials, intelligent productivity, user experience design, etc., to manage labor problems, technology improvements and industrial upgrading and transformation.
Contact Organization: Metal & Mechanical Industries Division, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Contact Person: Ms.Ku
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