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Ministry of Economic Affairs Announced the Expanded Public Participation on "Energy Transition White Paper"
Organization: Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs        Publish Date: 2017-07-21 16:31
Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) stated that according to the amended"Guidelines on Energy Development" approved by the Executive Yuan on Apr. 24, 2017, government and civil forces will be integrated to jointly map out the "Energy Transition White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper) and a balanced approach is proposed so as to achieve "energy security", "green economy", "environmental sustainability" and "social equity". The concrete energy transition action plans for achieving the goal of nuclear-free homeland by 2025 will also be included.

The formulation process for the White Paper will proceed in three phases:

(1) Phase 1 (preliminary conference): The public can participate in the discussions and determine which action plans and programs should be adopted and implemented in the energy transition. The suggestions collected will be summarized and organized, among which the innovative items, key promotions and the public concerns will be included in the follow-up discussions of the implementation of key tasks in the White Paper.

(2) Phase 2 (collaboration): Five task forces in different fields will be set up (including energy governance; energy conservation; electricity; new and renewable energy; green energy industry and technologies). The opinions from the industries, government, academia and research institutions together with public opinions will be introduced to collaborate on the concrete content for the implementation of key tasks. Also, online opinions will be solicited so that the first draft of the White Paper can be completed.

(3) Phase 3 (citizen dialogue): For the first draft of the White Paper, conferences by groups will be organized to expand the dialogue and seek consensus; at the same time, for those who are not able to participate in the conferences will be able to provide the opinions via internet, email and fax.

An "open and transparent" mechanism will be established in each phase. The information on the formulation process, the conferences and other participations will be fully disclosed on the website dedicated to the Energy Transition White Paper (

The MOEA indicated that the energy transition preliminary conferences in the Southern, Eastern, Central, Northern Taiwan will be held respectively in Kaohsiung on July 12, Hualien on July 19, Taichung on July 26 and Taipei on August 9.

The MOEA emphasized that the conference information has been published on the Energy Transition White Paper website and the public can sign up for the participation via fax, mail or online registration system ( In addition, all the promotional activities and measures by the ministries and agencies will be published on the website.

The MOEA is aiming to create a collaborative atmosphere of inter-ministerial, inter-regional and joint efforts in hope of improving the development planning for Taiwan's energy transition and establishing a model for public participation in policy formulation.

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