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Technology Development Programs

Promotion of Technology Development Programs (TDPs) and Achievements

To promote technology development in Taiwan, DoIT has launched three programs in 1979, 1997 and 2001, respectively, which are named the R&D Organization TDP, the Business Innovation TDP and the Academia TDP. These programs mainly focus on keeping pace with the trends and needs of the local industries. They also aim at developing and introducing new technologies as well as transferring R&D technologies to the industries.

In 1979, during the early stages of Taiwan's industrial development, R&D funding resources were very limited and R&D was mostly conducted by small and medium size enterprises. In response, DoIT established research institutes such as ITRI and III and created the R&D Organization TDP, which in turn commissioned government-sponsored research institutes to conduct research on technologies that are of strategic importance and then transfer the results to local industries to help the industrial technologies to grow.

The Business Innovation TDP was launched in 1997 in order to encourage the private sector to invest in innovative R&D. This program provides industry with R&D subsidies, intellectual property rights ownership and other incentives to reduce their reliance on foreign innovative technologies.

As Taiwanese industries progressed to the innovation-oriented phase, the Academia TDP was launched in 2001 to leverage the use and proliferation of academic research results by promoting the establishment of inter-school centers of excellence and incubating R&D research teams in the universities to help develop cutting-edge technologies targeting industrial needs. Later on, it evolved to encourage joint-development efforts between academia and industry to create spin-off companies.

Up until now and in response to global industrial trends and challenges, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs keeps on promoting innovative R&D through innovative thinking, new mechanisms and reward systems. They constantly move on to ensure that government resources are used to maximize industrial productivity and efficiency.

Implementation and Achievements

Budget Allocation

To accelerate Taiwan’s development of industrial technology and value creation, the TDPs serve to bring together research institutes, enterprises and academia to collaborate. Through steady R&D funding by the government each year, such programs enable on-going research efforts to advance the depth of industrial technologies and create innovative technologies. Since the R&D Organization TDP bear the important responsibility of closing Taiwan’s knowhow gap through technology transfers, they receive over 85% of the overall funding. Meanwhile, the Business Innovation TDP draw 12% and the Academia TDP 2%.

2011~2016 TDP Budget(NTD 1 billion)

2016 TDP Budget Allocation Ratio


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