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R&D Organization TDP

Mobilizing the capabilities of 20 research institutes such as Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Institute for Information Industry (III), Metal Industries Research and Development Center (MIRDC) or Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB), the R&D Organization TDP is dedicated to the development of forward-looking and key industrial technologies, while constantly improving the R&D environment and infrastructure.

The R&D focus of the R&D Organization TDP is on integration and development of cross-domain technologies including Smart Technology, Green Energy Technology, Smart Manufacturing Technology, Well-being Innovation, and Service Innovation. The R&D Organization TDP also aims at promoting innovative business models and expanding technological applications, so as to help domestic industries to accumulate innovation capabilities and to steadily perpetuate developing efforts.

Smart Technology

3D IC; green energy and automobile electronics; medical electronics; smart handheld devices; materials and components for ICT, smart green buildings; smart energy applications; smart traffic applications; smart healthcare applications; connected tv; media platform system; value-added viewing services; B4G/5G; fixed broadband; wireless telecommunications; network system integration and applications; new model of interactive display system; advanced smart lighting system; application of smart mobile device electronic materials; innovation and startup incubation in IoT and Wearable market; service system; cultivation of system architects; information applications and integration, and others.

Green Energy Technology

In-house key modules of smart electric vehicles; next-generation in-house integrated and innovative vehicles; safe power lithium batteries and materials; community or factory energy storage control system; pilot production lines of flexible CIGS solar cells via non-vacuum processes; large-area RTP selenization/vulcanization production technologies and equipment; development of technologies for C&M related vessels; development of equipment prototype; in-house smart LED lighting system; multi-functional in-house smart LED lighting system; green manufacturing of the circuits of flexible printed circuit boards; in-house demonstration platform of ultrasonic spray and curing; key AEMFC materials; integration of kW AEMFC systems, and others.

Smart Manufacturing Technology

Industrial fundamental technology; high value metal materials, manufacturing and R&D technologies; recycle and re-use rare metals technology; ultra-fast burst pulse laser technology and key laser 3D processing optical module; Composite optical technology and powder materials for metal additive manufacturing; high-end controller and value-added software; innovative and value-added technology for traditional industry; core technology for intelligentizing manufacturing process, and others.

Well-being Innovation

Fast readout chip for digital radiography; low voltage ultrasound chip; 3D dental and medical imaging technology; immuno-molecular diagnostic technology; microsurgical tools and instruments; drug/device combination products; innovative medical instruments and intelligent aids; new drugs for cancer, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases and ocular diseases; innovative small molecule drugs, herbal medicine, and radiopharmaceutical medicine; technical platform for translational medicine; controlled release medicine with high concentration antibody and high-yielding cell lines; bispecific antibody (BsAb); antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) that possesses high selectivity, high efficacy and low toxicity; nano-protein radiopharmaceutical labeling technology; value-added functional foods, safety and quality assurance technology of new manufacturing process; new sterilization technology; high pressure processing and testing platform for ensuring safety of antibacterial materials; functional ingredients and biobank; bio-sourced materials; healthy high-dehumidification air conditioning technology; ink with high light shading property; graphene transparent conductive film and composite materials; hypersonic flap assembly; flexibilizing epoxy resin/carbon fiber prepreg materials; stimulus responsive molecular material; high value functional textile products and innovative application of textile products; environmentally friendly and intelligent textile products; high-technology fiber and medical fiber material; high-performance recreation footwear, and others.

Service Innovation

Big data application technology and solution; establishment of domestic big data platform; inter-disciplinary system service integration platform; cross-system dynamic information integration technology; industrial front end sensibility and technology design capability; value-added innovation with industrial differentiation; establishing environment and service of Cloud Open Testing Platform; third-party cloud testing of cloud industrial structure; service innovation engine and Living Labs; high value-added/scaling-up/internationalization ecosystem, and others.


The R&D Organization TDP aims at advancing the depth of industrial technology and enhancing technology R&D capability. The implementation of the R&D Organization TDP has resulted in producing cutting-edge technologies and valuable patent output. Through diffusion and value added applications, the TDPs have induced enterprises to make additional investments in R&D and create economic impact.

  • * Patent Output statistics

    In order to ascertain Taiwan’s industrial technology competitiveness, the R&D Organization TDP has devoted to producing patent output. In the past three years (2013~2015), patents granted grew substantially compared with those from previous three years (2010~2012) while patent utilization number increased from 865 in 2010 to 1,098 in 2015, showing an improvement and strengthening of patent quality.

    Patents Output of Research Institute TDPs, 2010-2015

  • * Total revenue from technology and patent transfers

    In recent years, DoIT has modified the patent strategy to address both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the patents to create value from R&D outcomes. While the slow recovery of the global economy had kept companies from investing heavily between 2012 and 2015, the TDPs managed to collect revenues from technology transfers and patent licensing with an average of NTD1.3 billion per year for the past three years, reflecting the industry’s affirmation to the R&D Organization TDP’s R&D results.

    Revenues from Technology and Patent Transfers

  • * Business investment induced by the R&D Organization TDP

    In 2015, total business investment facilitated by the R&D Organization TDP reached a new height exceeding NTD 50.6 billion. On average, every one NT dollar invested in the R&D Organization TDP generated 3.7 dollars in business investment, showing that the R&D Organization TDP, through technology transfers and licensing, is instrumental in boosting business investment.

    Private-sector Investments Stimulated by Organization TDP

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