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InvesTaiwan Service Center Marks Third Anniversary
Organization: Department of Investment Services, Ministry of Economic Affairs        Publish Date: 2013-08-22 10:38
The Executive Yuan set up the InvesTaiwan Service Center on Aug. 8, 2010 with the aim of building a friendlier investment environment and attracting companies from around the world to invest in Taiwan. The Center serves as a one-stop window for investors, offering customized services by designated specialists throughout the entire investment process. After learning about the needs of an investor, the specialists work with the existing coordination mechanisms of local governments to help remove investment obstacles and carry through with investment projects. The success of these efforts is attracting a growing stream of investors seeking help. On the 8th day of this month the InvesTaiwan Service Center held a tea party to celebrate its third anniversary, inviting companies that it has served to join in the festivities and share their experiences of investing in Taiwan for reference in the planning and executive of future investment promotion efforts.

Over the past three years the InvesTaiwan Service Center has never slackened in its work of helping investors through every stage of the investment process, from project evaluation to the selection of plant site, actively following up on the progress of administrative procedures and integrating the service resources of different agencies. If an investment project encounters an obstacle that requires government help and that is difficult to remove quickly using general administrative processes, the InvesTaiwan Service Center calls a coordination meeting to work out a resolution of the issue. In this way, it has helped shorten the administrative timetable for numerous major investment projects and accelerated their completion.

The InvesTaiwan Service Center reports that it fulfilled 153 requests for assistance up to the end of July this year, helping to complete investments with a total value of over NT$100 billion. The greatest number of investors helped were from Japan, followed by those from Taiwan and then North America. In terms of invested industry, manufacturing accounted for the greatest number of cases, followed by services. In terms of type of help sought, office and factory land made up the largest number of cases, followed by taxation/laws and regulations, cooperating partners, hiring of personnel, and help with administrative procedures.

The Executive Yuan implemented the "Program for the Strengthened Promotion of Taiwanese Businesses Returning to Invest in Taiwan" in November of 2012, and the InvesTaiwan Service Center set up a Taiwanese Business Committee to serve as a one-stop window to provide consultation services to returning Taiwanese businesses. The committee helps Taiwanese businesses find solutions to such problems as land, manpower, and funding, so as to speed up the process of their investment in Taiwan. By the end of July this year 34 returning Taiwanese companies had won qualification for such assistance, and 14 had asked the InvesTaiwan Service Center for help.

In the future, the InvesTaiwan Service Center will continue serving investors with the utmost of friendliness, patience, enthusiasm, and care, providing the real-time services they need to bring their Taiwan investment projects to a quick and fruitful conclusion.

Spokesperson of the InvesTaiwan Service Center
Mr. Hung Yang, CEO
Telephone:02-2311-2031 #102
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