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Taiwan has established an unprecedented team of legal professionals under the OTN as the core taskforce dealing with trade-related legal affairs and dispute settlement. The team established in August of 2007 is led by one negotiator responsible for legal affairs and utilizes two legal advisors, as well as several legal associates and assistants.

The major tasks of the legal team are to provide legal advice on trade policy decisions and negotiations; to monitor the legality of international trade policy and measures of other WTO members; to develop policy positions on trade disputes; to represent the government in dispute settlement proceedings; and to actively contribute to the DSU review negotiations at the WTO.

Taiwan has been even more actively involved in  WTO dispute settlements since the establishment of the OTN. By joining as a third party, Taiwan has submitted its legal opinions concerning issues of systemic interest in several disputes. In August of 2008, Taiwan requested the WTO Dispute Settlement Body to establish a panel to rule on its complaint concerning the European Communities' imposition of tariffs on certain information technology products. It was the third time that Taiwan resorted to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism as a complainant to resolve a dispute with its trade partner and was the first time that such a dispute advanced to the panel stage.

Personnel drafted pattern: The organization includes Chief Representative, Deputy Chief Representative, Senior Negotiator, Negotiator and Team.

Update: 2016-07-21
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