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Through times of shortages and hardship to the current time of plenty, the SEC, in order to fulfill its many commitments, has dedicated to providing society and the public at large with highly professional and sincere service.

National Corporations Department

In 1952, in response to the needs of Taiwan's economic development, the ROC Government established the "National Corporations Department" within the Ministry of Economic Affairs to guide development of national enterprises and to help establish a firm foundation for economic growth.

Commission for the Commercialization of National Corporations

In 1965, the "National Corporations Department" was restructured into the "Commission for the Commercialization of National Corporations". This Commission, utilizing scientific management methods and the entrepreneur spirit of commercialization, completed the initial revisions of the relevant laws, and gradually built firm foundations for the electricity supply, petroleum, machinery, and shipbuilding sectors.

Commission of National Corporations

In 1969, the "Commission for the Commercialization of National Corporations" was reorganized into the "Commission of National Corporations." Since then, the Commission has not only played the roles in supervision over management and operation of SOEs but also been keeping in line with government policies in the implementation of privatization of the SOEs , in order to expedite national economic growth.

State-owned Enterprise Commission

In 2003, the Commission of National Corporations was then renamed as the "State-owned Enterprise Commission". Working hard on achieving its mission, the SEC will continue to assist various enterprises to create greater profit and bring prosperity to our country.

Update: 2019-04-03
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