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International Innovation and R&D Collaboration Program


The International Innovation and R&D Collaboration Program promulgated by DoIT has been serving as the platform for bi-lateral collaboration between companies in Taiwan and those from the European Commission, Germany, Spain, and Israel. Such collaborations specifically target the development of emerging technologies. In March 2019, this program gained a new country following an agreement reached between DoIT and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR) to support the collaboration activities between Taiwan and Czech companies.

Back in August 2018, DoIT collaborated with the funding agencies from The Netherlands, Denmark, and France to pursue the R&D of photonics/optics technologies. Using the joint-call for proposals mechanism under the EUREKA’s GlobalStars initiative, a total of five projects have since been formally launched.

International Innovation and R&D Collaboration Program
The program aims to support linkages between Taiwanese and foreign companies in order to co-create innovative technologies. The program subsidizes up to 50% of the total R&D budget spent by the Taiwanese project partner.

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