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Global R&D Innovation Partner Program


With the support of Global R&D Innovation Partner Program, 45 global companies like Microsoft (ICT), Corning (Materials), SONY (ICT), ASML (Machinery), DuPont (Materials) and GSK (Biomedical) have successfully set up R&D centers in Taiwan. Through these local R&D centers, foreign companies can not only work directly with their Taiwanese partners to develop new products and services, but more importantly those companies have swift access to Taiwan’s high caliber technical talents and excellent R&D resources.

For instance, Microsoft, the global technology leader, established its first IoT Innovation Center under DoIT’s Global R&D Innovation Partner Program support in 2016, recognizing Taiwan’s strengths in the industrial sectors of ICT and manufacturing as well as its deep talent pool. With the coming age for artificial intelligence, Microsoft is investing an additional USD 33 million to create an AI R&D hub in Taiwan with the support from the same Program in 2018. The center will employ a research team of 100 people over the next two years, doubling to 200 within five years. While this AI hub supports Microsoft’s vision to democratize AI to every individual and every organization, this center will help to build an AI ecosystem for Taiwanese industries and accelerate Taiwan’s industrial transformation. In turn it will assist in the creation of a smart economy and a better environment for the people of Taiwan.

Global R&D Innovation Partner Program
This program is to support foreign enterprises to develop advanced technology in Taiwan, and joint R&D with Taiwanese industry. The program may subsidize up to 50% of the total R&D budget invested.

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