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R&D 100 Award

Year Product Organization Prize Description
2018 Portable UVC LED Water Sterilizer System Portable UVC LED Water Sterilizer System ITRI The world’s first smart Portable UVC LED Water Sterilizer System with innovative projective UVC LED sterilization module technology. Its sterilization rate for Escherichia coli is over 99.9% with a water flow of up to 2L/min. Its volume is only 1/3 that of conventional UV lamp based sterilization products available on the market, and it can be quickly installed under many types of water taps.
2018 Automatic Police UAV Patrol System (APUPS) Automatic Police UAV Patrol System ITRI By optimizing the three major key technologies of UAVs: “communication module”, “automation” and “charging system”, ITRI has succeeded in creating a remote control system for UAV fleets. It adopts real-time dynamic positioning technology and infrared guidance for the UAVs to connect to the smart charging stations and prolong their flight times. The system can be applied to tasks such as police patrols, bridge inspection, and environment monitoring.
2018 Hybrid MassLINK Bus Stop Hybrid MassLINK Bus Stop III This solar-powered system employs a wide-area network transmission technology with anti-interference ability of the improved low-power IoT Super LoRa was increased by 100 times, its wireless sensitivity and transmission success rate were increased to over 95%, with transmission distance reaching over 200 kilometers of line of sight. Using NB-IoT wireless communication technology, it ensures that the Hybrid MassLINK Bus Stop has no dead angles for 3G or 4G communication, making it suitable for use in mountainous and rural areas.
2018 Monitor and Diagnose Framework for Manufacturing Processes (MDFMP) Monitor and Diagnose Framework for Manufacturing Processes III The MDFMP is a smart manufacturing system has been successfully adopted by leading semiconductor assembly and testing companies. Data-driven processes are used to create analytic models that improve the real-time visibility of process statuses, and strengthen the level of control over the efficiency, quality and cost of overall production.
2017 ChemSEI-Linker ChemSEI-Linker ITRI Adding ChemSEI-Linker to the anode of a battery can extend battery life more than 10 years.
2017 LCD Waste Recycling System LCD Waste Recycling System ITRI 3 tons of wasted LED panels can be handled each day, and the yearly handling volume exceeds 1,000 tons.
2017 Microwave Annealing Technology Microwave Annealing Technology ITRI、NCTU Microwave annealing technology is up to 50% faster than current annealing technologies, and the uniformity of the chips can be improved and sped up to 99.5%.
2017 CoolSo CoolSo ITRI Identification method can replace traditional optical image or Electromyography (EMG) signals.
2017 Prognostic and Health Management Software in Semiconductors, PHM Prognostic and Health Management Software in Semiconductors ITRI The product line manager can keep track of the status of well-being for the facilities, and its accuracy can reach up to 95%.
2017 CyberEpi CyberEpi ITRI Greatly reduces the epitaxy manufacturing from 1 week to 2 hours.
2017 Power and Thermal-Aware Electronic System Level Platform, PT-ESL Power and Thermal-Aware Electronic System Level Platform ITRI Greatly reduces the simulation time for chip verification from a few months to half a day.
2016 iSmartweaR iSmartweaR ITRI ITRI’s unique clothing, iSmartweaR, incorporates washable technology and breaks the mold of traditionally uncomfortable smart clothing that has poor heat dissipation, poor durability and lower sensor sensitivity.
2016 Wearable Walking Assistive Exoskeleton Robot (2WA-EXO) Wearable Walking Assistive Exoskeleton Robot ITRI ITRI has developed a lower extremity exoskeleton robot 2WA-EXO, which provides those who are paralyzed from the chest down the ability to easily, independently, and safely stand up and walk again.
2016 Long-Distance Floating Multi-Screen Head-Up Display Technology ITRI ITRI’s long-distance floating multi-screen head-up display technology prioritizes driver safety by projecting the driving information directly into the driver’s field of vision.
2016 SpeedPro SpeedPro ITRI ITRI’s SpeedPro is a software suite, with an aim to improve the safety and productivity of machining operations. It will be deployed on machine tools to allow machining process simulation and optimization of tool paths.
2016 Smart Glass Guidance System Smart Glass Guidance System III Smart Glass Guidance System (SGGS) is a smart-glass-based service system for user’s interactive retrieval of proximal information within a preset service perimeter.
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