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Red Dot Award

Year Product Organization Prize Description
2020 Degradable Haemostatic Clips and Applier Degradable Haemostatic Clips and Applier MIRDC These haemostatic clips for vessel occlusion are made of a biodegradable magnesium alloy. As the material gradually degrades and is absorbed by the body, there is no need to remove the clip after the operation. Moreover, the use of a magnesium alloy over stainless steel or titanium has the advantage of not interfering with imaging methods. The stapler is ergonomically designed and can be operated with one hand.
2017 Memory Metal - Liposuction Needle & System Memory Metal - Liposuction Needle & System MIRDC The liposuction needle is made of pure medical-grade Nitinol known for its property of super-elasticity and shape memory.
2016 SaFePlay - Smart Footwear Platform SaFePlay - Smart Footwear Platform III SaFePlay is a portable, self-operating and smart feedback wearable health promotion system. It records gait and provides adjustment advice to the user during activities, which helps lessen the load on knee joints.
2016 MEER Thermo Bottle MEER Thermo Bottle MIRDC This portable thermo bottle was designed in response to the increasing demand for reusable dining ware as well as the eco-friendly idea that disposable products should be eliminated from daily necessities.
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