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iF Design Award

Year Product Organization Prize Description
2020 Real-time Restoration System Real-time Restoration System MIRDC This chair-side Total Digital Dental Solution combines intraoral scanning, lithium disilicate and 3D laser milling for real-time dental restoration work. The design includes medical color, type C color palette of visual extension effect, a streamlined shape and anti-slip features. The 3D laser milling enhances precision without oil, water and powder to keep the clinic environment clean. The interface combines intuitional design with usability. The LCos wearable glasses overcome visual limitation and let dentists monitor immediate progress. This solution can shorten treatment time by 85%.
2020 2.5D Weaving Machine 2.5D Weaving Machine TTRI This variable distance fabric is woven on a new global innovative two-and-a-half dimensional (2.5D) weaving machine. This machine can weave symmetrical and variable distance stereoscopic textile fabrics.
2020 RFID for Circular Fashion RFID for Circular Fashion TTRI This Radio Frequency Identification is specially designed for the textile and fashion industry. We have developed a RFID tag that can be attached to yarn. The RFID yarn contains data on the entire production process.
2020 Urban Smart Fiber Soil Urban Smart Fiber Soil TTRI Fiber Soil is a planting base made from the inseparable materials in recycling clothing, a mixture of cotton and polyester. Thanks to its soft texture and modular skeleton, it can be easily assembled to create large-scale green walls and floors, whether flat or curved.
2020 PEI Fabric PEI Fabric TTRI This fabric production process collects mono-material PEI and Flexible Printed Circuit recycled waste, chops it into PEI pellets and then spins it into yarn or nonwoven fiber to produce mono-material PEI fabric.
2018 Health Posture Protector Health Posture Protector III Health Posture Protector (HP²), utilizes preventive concepts to serve as a health promotion system for shoulders, neck, and back.
2018 Automated guided vehicle Automated guided vehicle MIRDC This trackless Automated Guided Vehicle Module features omni-directional wheels. Its smart cargo collaborative carrying system allows multiple vehicles to carry cargo with different weight and volume in various environments.
2016 Floating Garden Floating Garden TTRI Floating Garden is an evolutionary triple-layer 3D hyperbolic surface textile. With composite fiber filling and 0.5 mm beads, it substitutes soil and creates a floating green module.
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