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iF Design Award

Year Product Organization Prize Description
2022 Dual Membranes Dual Membranes TTRI The initial design purpose of Dual Membranes was to address ocean oil spills. In the event of large-scale marine oil pollution, Dual Membranes become hydrophilic and oleophobic. They quickly collect slick oil into the inner layer of a double-layer bag, after which the seawater is returned to the ocean. The membrane's properties can also be used in the design of cleaning supplies, self-cleaning applications, and other related household products.
2022 Fiber Soil 2.0 Fiber Soil 2.0 TTRI Fiber Soil is made of 100% recycled materials, namely a mix of cotton and polyester, which cannot be separated for recycling. Once transformed into a modular skeleton structure, the material can be easily assembled to create large-area flat or curved green walls. The material's surface and bottom fabrics are a 3D textile made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. The new-generation fiber soil planters are lined on the bottom with a thin layer of rTPEE membrane, also made of recycled plastic bottles, which ensures optimal water regulation.
2022 Digital Tex Digital Tex TTRI Digital Tex® functional ink is both water repellent and water wicking, two opposite but crucial functions in sweaty sportswear design. The ink is especially suitable for customizing small-batch, multi-style customer requests. Digital Tex® functional ink saves water and reduces the amount of chemicals used much more so than functional fabrics. Digital Tex® ink can be applied on mono-material fabric, offering a smart circular economy solution.
2022 Fabric Jac Fabric Jack TTRI Fabric Jack is a road rescue product produced with the Distance Fabric (DIFA) air-jet loom. The loom is used to manufacture large-spaced fabrics to produce non-equal-height vertical interweaving 2.5D structures. The pitch of the DIFA loom can vary from 120mm to 500mm. Fabric Jack utilizes DIFA's patented 2.5D structure. An electric vehicle's charging pipe is used to inflate the jack. When inflated, the fabric's 2.5D structure provides strong and multi-point support. When deflated, the Fabric Jack is foldable and can be conveniently placed in the trunk of a vehicle.
2022 Gold Fiber Golden Fiber TTRI With the current technology for producing gold thread, one gram of pure gold can produce a pure gold thread 0.02mm in width and 165 meters in length. For this thread, sputtering technology is used so that one gram of pure gold produces a gold fiber 1500 meters in length. That is nine times more thread than the conventional technique is able to produce. Golden Fiber has four major advantages: It costs less to produce; it requires no water, so it is water-saving; it is washable and soft, offering more possibilities in product design; lastly, it can be used in mass manufacturing processes.
2020 Real-time Restoration System Real-time Restoration System MIRDC This chair-side Total Digital Dental Solution combines intraoral scanning, lithium disilicate and 3D laser milling for real-time dental restoration work. The design includes medical color, type C color palette of visual extension effect, a streamlined shape and anti-slip features. The 3D laser milling enhances precision without oil, water and powder to keep the clinic environment clean. The interface combines intuitional design with usability. The LCos wearable glasses overcome visual limitation and let dentists monitor immediate progress. This solution can shorten treatment time by 85%.
2020 2.5D Weaving Machine 2.5D Weaving Machine TTRI This variable distance fabric is woven on a new global innovative two-and-a-half dimensional (2.5D) weaving machine. This machine can weave symmetrical and variable distance stereoscopic textile fabrics.
2020 RFID for Circular Fashion RFID for Circular Fashion TTRI This Radio Frequency Identification is specially designed for the textile and fashion industry. We have developed a RFID tag that can be attached to yarn. The RFID yarn contains data on the entire production process.
2020 Urban Smart Fiber Soil Urban Smart Fiber Soil TTRI Fiber Soil is a planting base made from the inseparable materials in recycling clothing, a mixture of cotton and polyester. Thanks to its soft texture and modular skeleton, it can be easily assembled to create large-scale green walls and floors, whether flat or curved.
2020 PEI Fabric PEI Fabric TTRI This fabric production process collects mono-material PEI and Flexible Printed Circuit recycled waste, chops it into PEI pellets and then spins it into yarn or nonwoven fiber to produce mono-material PEI fabric.
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