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Edison Awards

Year Product Organization Prize Description
2021 AI-Based High-Density Shuttle Rack Service System AI-Based High-Density Shuttle Rack Service System by ITRI ITRI The system is a smart urban logistics solution featuring efficient transport and less environmental impact. Oder-Based AI Dynamic Decision Technology, Smart Shuttle Rack System, and Human-Robot Hybrid Technology are incorporated to enable optimized logistics performance, labor-saving mobility and automated vertical warehousing.
2021 MetabColor MetabColor by ITRI ITRI MetabColor microbial dyes feature a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and renewable textile dye manufacturing process. The dyes have brilliant color strength & fastness required for textile industry. The bio-based dyes are available in five colors including the proprietary MetaColor Black, the world’s first black dye without mixing concentrated color dyes.
2021 Continuous Micro Parts Heat Treatment System Equipment (CMHT) Continuous Micro Parts Heat Treatment System Equipment (CMHT) by MIRDC MIRDC CMHT replaces large traditional heat treatment equipment to provide intelligent heat treatment process for highly complicated structure or micro parts, leading to reduce delivery and heat treatment cost, while maintain high collecting rate and excellent mechanical property of micro parts and increase the competitiveness of metal machine industry.
2020 Celluad celluad ITRI The formaldehyde-free Celluad has strong adhesion, excellent water resistance, low cost, and compatibility to existing plywood manufacturing processes. Its strong adhesion capability derives from the cross-link reaction with curing resins.
2020 iKNOBEADS iKNOBEADS ITRI ITRI developed the manufacturing technology of the world's only biomimetic knobby magnetic beads, named iKNOBEADS, which perfectly suits for the ex vivo activation and expansion of human T cells.
2020 Smart manufacturing technology for the fastener industry (SMTFI) SMTFI MIRDC MIRDC developed a comprehensive, systematic smart solution for fasteners and rapidly expanded to fastener makers through cloud services for quick response and flexible production, reducing reliance on labor and providing real-time information for customized smart manufacturing solutions.
2020 Bionic Intelligent AGV Fleet System (BI-AGV) BI-AGV MIRDC The system imitates the agility and mobility that ants exhibit when carrying objects, each wheel of the System is like an ant that moves around independently being equipped with an independent power system as well as a power wheel with controller which means all of our power wheel models move autonomously as well as form into an optimal arrangement to carry objects collaboratively according to the shape /weigh of the objects.
2020 Scooter2Infra Safety System Scooter2Infra Safety System III Scooter2Infra Safety System is the first-ever solution focusing on scooter safety. It consists of roadside facilities, Smart Pillars, and scooter devices, Smart Tags, to enhance road hazard protection for scooter riders. It watches road blackspots 24/7 and warns upcoming riders when hazard is detected. It is an interactive and scooter-oriented safety service that has been proved by 8,600 scooters to reduce accident up to 50%.
2019 Intelligent 3D Visual Automation for Shoes Roughing and Cementing Equipment Intelligent 3D Visual Automation for Shoes Roughing and Cementing Equipment MIRDC MIRDC has successfully integrated 3D vision, robot arm and force compensation technology to overcome the technical bottleneck of automation for shoe-making roughing and cementing. The technology substitutes the traditional manual process to increase the production capacity by 50% and the yield rate by 12% respectively. In addition, the introduction of automation facilitates the saving of labor cost about NT$3 million for each production line and significantly increases the production.
2019 iRoadSafe iRoadSafe ITRI iRoadSafe is a V2X safety system solution integrating V2V/V2I communications, roadside sensing, and CMS (Changeable Message Sign) technologies to provide safety warnings for all road users. To break through the limitation from on-board unit (OBU) installation, iRoadSafe incorporates advanced roadside sensing technologies to detect all moving objects on the road and broadcasts extensive V2V Basic Safety Messages (BSM) through Roadside Units (RSUs). The system has been deployed in accident-prone sites in several cities in Taiwan.
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