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Technology Development Programs


Against the backdrop of a changing industrial structure, DoIT actively works alongside the government to implement its industrial innovation policies. Through the promotion of close collaboration among the private sectors, the academic sectors, and think tanks, the Technology Development Programs have developed an innovative business mode that is both service- and technology-driven, which integrates the expertise of multiple disciplines to help improve Taiwan’s industrial structure and secure a stronger position in the international market.

DoIT continues to promote the TDP for Nonprofit Research Organization, the TDP for Industry, and the TDP for Academia, as the tools to implement the government’s development policies. We develop and introduce the technology needed by various industries, and, to better implement the TDPs, place great emphasis on the holistic planning, SOP improvement, and performance management. As shown in the flow chart below, DoIT first comes up with developmental strategies, and then deploys involved organizations, assesses performance, and lastly makes adjustments according to feedbacks. With this mechanism, DoIT is able to apply research results to meet industrial demands, create R&D values, and have impacts on the industrial innovation.

Three main programs for promoting research and innovation in Taiwan and beyond are:

* TDP for Nonprofit Research Organization

Integrates more than 20 prominent research institutes across Taiwan to spark creativity and develop cutting-edge industrial technologies.

* TDP for Industry

Encourages industries to invest in R&D and to develop forward-looking technologies that will take their organization to the next level.

* TDP for Academia

Provides government grants to academic institutes with support and collaboration from industry and nonprofit research institutes. Taking advantage of their long-term R&D asset, the aim of Academia TDP is to foster new start-up companies.

Technology Development Programs



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