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The 5th Presidential Innovation Award ceremony
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2022-05-31 15:07
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The award ceremony for the Presidential Innovation Award, the highest honor for innovation in Taiwan, was held on April 29 in the Presidential Auditorium. In its fifth edition, this year's award saw five winners: Junyi Academy Foundation; Water Resources Agency, MOEA; Mi-Ching Tsai, Chair Professor at National Cheng Kung University's Department of Mechanical Engineering; Miin Wu, Chairman of Macronix International Co., Ltd.; and Ming-Che Sung, firefighter at Fire Bureau of Changhua County. President Tsai Ing-wen personally presented the trophies and NT$2 million award to each award recipient.

In her opening remarks, Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua pointed out the Presidential Innovation Award is the nation's highest honorary award presented in the name of the head of state to encourage "innovation", inspiring the industry, government, academia, and research sectors to engage in long-term innovation and value creation. The winners of this year's award were the most diverse, both in terms of aspects and fields of innovation, evidencing innovation has taken root and is thriving in all corners of Taiwan.

President Tsai congratulated the winners and thanked each one of them for their endeavors and contributions to innovation. Taiwan has performed admirably in many respects under the pandemic. The innovative spirits its people, the progress in digitalization, and the growth of social welfare and cohesion play important key roles. The achievements of the winners are prime examples of innovation power in various corners of Taiwan that promote the development of the nation. Noting the pandemic has brought both challenges and opportunities, the President expressed that the Presidential Innovation Award is a token of encouragement and called on people from all walks of life to devote themselves to innovation and work together to create a better future for the nation.

This year's President's Innovation Award trophy was redesigned by marrying Taiwan's recycled glass technology and consummate craftsmanship. With the island's formidable Yushan range as the motif, it embodies the winners' noble contribution to the country and encapsulates the President's commendation and blessings for the winners. It is hoped that Taiwan can move towards a sustainable society under the auspices of the collective force of its citizens.
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