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ITRI's Exhibit Highlights at Touch Taiwan 2022
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2022-07-05 14:13
Open new window for The AI Aquarium can dynamically present information according to visitor's viewing angle and the position of marine life inside.(jpg)
ITRI showcased some of its latest R&D achievements in smart displays at Touch Taiwan 2022 this April, featuring transparent display virtual-real fusion techniques to enable dynamic imagery and augmented reality applications. Highlights include a high clearness transparent projection screen, an interactive aquarium that can display real-time information on marine life, and an in-vehicle display that can reduce motion sickness. ITRI's AI Aquarium won a Smart Display Application Award in the Smart Edutainment category, which features anti-masking face recognition, eyeball tracking, hand gesture, skeleton behavior recognition, and object tracking, this aquarium can dynamically present information according to visitors' viewing angle and position of marine life inside, while the accuracy rate of marine life recognition is over 98%. This system has been introduced to the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology; while the Low Diffraction Transparent AM Micro LED technology won a Gold Panel Award for outstanding technology, which can be used for existing manufacturing process and greatly reduces the diffraction intensity of background light sources to 1%, greatly improving the display's background image clarity.
Open new window for ITRI exhibited 35 technologies at Touch Taiwan 2022, demonstrating new applications in virtual real fusion displays.(jpg)

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