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Taiwan demonstrates technological strength with the highest number of endorsed projects among all economies in APEC PPSTI.
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2023-03-17 10:02
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The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) jointly participated in the 21st APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology, and Innovation (PPSTI) meeting on February 18-19 in Palm Springs, California, United States. The Director General of the Department of Industrial Technology of MOEA, Dr. Chiou Chyou-Huey, represented Chinese Taipei to host Subgroup C "Enhancing Regional Science and Technology Connectivity" meeting. This year, Taiwan had the highest number of endorsed projects among all economies in APEC PPSTI, with Taiwan's STI achievements being widely recognized internationally and further contribute to the interconnectedness of international markets and technical cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

The 2023 APEC priorities includes "Interconnected, Innovative, Inclusive" with the aim of creating a resilient and sustainable future for all. To demonstrate Taiwan's strength in innovative R&D, MOEA and NSTC proposed 5 projects to APEC PPSTI and successfully get endorsed, which accounts for almost one third of all 18 PPSTI-endorsed projects, the highest number among all economies. Through actively engaging in the regional network, it was expected to bring a positive influence on international technology cooperation in the future.

The proposal from Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), entitled "Capacity Building on Supply Chain Connectivity with Cloud-based Manufacturing Solutions," is co-sponsored by Chile, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand. The team spun off a startup company, Expetech Co., Ltd., which is invested by Advantech Co., Ltd. and the Mt. Dadu Industrial Innovation Foundation, and it focuses on cloud-based intelligent manufacturing. The company is planning to enter the South-east Asia markets, namely Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, with its experience on helping the domestic intelligence manufacturing industry to build demonstration sites.

Another APEC project proposed by the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC), "Driving Digital Transformation and Capacity Building of Remote Healthcare Systems: Best Practices within the APEC Region," is co-sponsored by Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Chile, and the Philippines and it received support of US$110,000 from the APEC fund. The project focuses on a digital dental solution, integrating digital orthodontics, digital denture prosthetics, and surgical guidance systems from 4 companies, MEM Dental Technology Co., Ltd., Tung Sin Biomedical, EPED Inc., and Interware company. It transformed the traditional treatment mode of dentistry through shortening the recovery time of dental prosthetics and implants by more than 30%, and can complete the orthodontic treatment within 6 months at the earliest, showcasing Taiwan's strength on software and hardware integration for digital telemedicine.

The mission of APEC PPSTI is to support the development of science and technology cooperation and providing innovative policy recommendations through collaboration between government, academia, the private sector. The major competent authorities in Taiwan are MOEA and NSTC. Not only does the MOEA represent Taiwan to serve as the chair of the PPSTI Subgroup C, NSTC also operates two APEC centers, including the "APEC Research Center for Advanced Biohydrogen Technology" and the " APEC Research Center for Typhoon and Society," with the expectation to facilitate policy dialogues on the innovation of industrial technology, establish an innovative STI environment, and reach the goal of sustainable economic growth for all.

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