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The establishment of "Domestic Independent Laser Source Industry Alliance"
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2020-01-10 11:28
Open new window for With the support of the Technology Development Programs of the MOEA, ITRI today (2019/12/10) coordinated 13 important Taiwan laser key components and laser source manufacturers to jointly establish the Domestic Independent Laser Source Industry Alliance.(jpg)
ITRI coordinated 13 major Taiwan laser key components and laser source manufacturers, including Bricmo, SwiRoc, GIP Technology, mRadian, POFC, Cleverwave Technology, Turning Point Lasers, Bolite, Arima Lasers, HC Photonics, Union Optronics, Materials and Electro-Optics Research Division of NCSIST, jointly established the "Domestic Independent Laser Source Industry Alliance" on Dec. 10, 2019. The purpose of the Alliance is to provide a platform for domestic laser equipment and service companies to explore the industrial applications of domestic laser industry, and seize more than NTD 10 billion market opportunities.

The emerging of the key laser components and systems in Taiwan has been contributed by the subsidy of the Technology Development Programs and the continuous input of public and private sectors, which has led to the formation of the "Laser Valley" industrial ecosystem and gradually localized key laser components and systems. ITRI and NCSIST also take the lead in the developing of femtosecond pulse lasers and 4 kW high-power lasers, which can be applied in various industries such as automobiles, semiconductors, and mechanical equipment, to initiate the localization of laser system and equipment from the "sources".

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