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Smart Thermal Image Technology to Detect Body Temperature
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2020-05-20 10:38
Open new window for ITRI unveiled a smart thermal image body temperature detection technology in an online press conference in April, 2020.(jpg)
Temperature screening serves as an important public health measure to catch possible epidemic infections at the first line and promptly isolate those with fevers. ITRI developed an intelligent thermal image technology that relies on non-contact infrared detection to determine body temperature. This technology features AI facial recognition, indoor/outdoor adaptability, dynamic measurement for multiple persons, fast deployment, making it an effective tool to rapidly detect fevers for a large crowd.

Dr. Chun-Hsun Chu, General Director of ITRI's Smart Microsystems Technology Center, stated that this technology combines a variety of innovative R&D results. First of all, the AI facial recognition ability allows the system to quickly capture facial images and complete infrared sensing, offering a high level of accuracy in measuring head temperature. The image recognition technology can exclude irrelevant objects and thus there is no worry that the heat of pets or passing vehicles will be detected, nor will there be false alarms when people hold hot food or beverages.

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