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[2020 R&D100 Awards] Production Decision Support System with Digital Twins Solution for Bicycle Industry (PDSS)
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2020-10-26 11:10
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The Institute for Information Industry with the technology of "Production Decision Support System with Digital Twins Solution for Bicycle Industry (PDSS)", won R&D100 Awards.

In terms of the information aspect of Taiwan's current bicycle and related component industry chain, data could not be properly collected due to insufficient digitization. Additionally, because various machines have different processing methods and the specifications of various custom-made machines are not the same, the information format of the production parameters gathered is not unified; with regards to the perspective of equipment, while more than 90% of Taiwanese companies are SMEs, in comparison to large enterprises, they are lagging behind in automation upgrading; in terms of manufacturing process, in response to market customization, small quantities and short delivery times, companies need to change production lines frequently. Since adjusting manufacturing process parameters relies mostly on operating experience, quality stability could easily be affected, which could lead to a large number of defective products.

To this end, The PDSS technology to create the quality cause analysis and prediction system specifically for the Taiwan bicycle and related component industry. This system replaces passive manual inspections with proactive production quality causal analysis methods and uses digital twin prediction models to greatly reduce the costs and time of system introduction and to significantly improve production efficiency and reduce defect rates. Through heterogeneous source networking and synchronous processing technology, this system collects various data in the factory such as the mold pressure, non-contact multi-point mold temperature, data of materials and parts, effective working condition vibration, etc. This team has also developed intelligent analysis services such as proactive prediction as well as cause diagnosis. By active prediction and improvement, this system can reduce the probability of post-refining processing, and create an intelligent manufacturing solution with high precision and low repair rates.
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