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[2020 R&D100 Awards] Controllable Hydro-Reactive Magnesium Alloy
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2020-10-26 11:50
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MIRDC's "Controllable Hydro-Reactive Magnesium Alloy" is applied to agricultural technology, Life, health, medical and other industries. When it comes to agricultural Applications, the water reaction of magnesium alloys creates hydrogen and magnesium, zinc and calcium nutrients required for plant growth within a specific period. Hydrogen changes the plant's physiological hormone response and improves its ability to fend against adverse conditions and grow better. Collaborated with Season Farm in developing related products as far as agricultural application is concerned. This technology can also be applied to the development of medical device such as bone screws, hemostatic forceps, cardiovascular stents, and other implants. It enables the implants to achieve uniform and slow degradation in the process of tissue or bone regeneration and repair, until they are completely absorbed by the human body, with no need to be removed through a second operation which reduces the patient's discomfort. So far MIRDC has transferred the technology to EPOCH Energy Technology Corp for more future collaborations.
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