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MOEA Leads Businesses to Showcase Innovative Applications of 5G Private Network and Explore New 6G Development Opportunities at IEEE GLOBECOM
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2020-12-08 16:30
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Making its return to Taiwan after 18 years, the IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2020) will be held from December 7 to 11! To showcase the achievements of Taiwan's 5G innovative R&D, Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), MOEA, joins forces with the industry, academia, and research institutes, including ITRI, III, Intel, Chunghwa Telecom, ELTA, Mediatek, Compal, Auden, Alpha Networks, WNC, Gigabyte, Quanta, Askey, Lightspeed International, Synergy Design Technology, ADLINK, FFG, and National Taiwan University, to present three feature events, "DoIT's 5G Technology Program Achievement Display" pavilion, technology forum on the achievements of 5G technology programs, and 6G Summit, at the IEEE GLOBECOM held at Taipei International Convention Center today (Dec. 8), concretely showcasing the latest applications in daily life of innovative 5G technology and results of smart factories in cooperation with businesses, and sharing the latest 5G commercialization and 6G opportunities in exploration of future methods of 6G innovation and technology R&D.

According to DoIT Director-General Mr. Chiou Chyou-Hui, 5G commercialization has sped up in 2020, with more than 122 telecom operators that launched 5G commercial service across the world. The innovative applications triggered by 5G have begun an era of IoT and created new business opportunities for Taiwanese industry. In this regard, DoIT has focused on three aspects: Invest in 5G core technology development, promote national 5G alliance teams to accelerate 5G deployment and set up field trials for end to end system integration and verification to support innovative applications. DoIT has invested over NTD 3.6 billion in 5G technology development program which consists of engineering teams from ITRI and III research institutes to conduct R&D works since 2017. One of the most important accomplishment is the delivery of the 5G stand-alone enterprise private network solution which consists of the following core technologies:5G core, small cell (stand-alone or O-RAN based solution), intelligent multiple access edge computing (iMEC), Self-Organizing Network (SON) for radio network management, OAM (Operations, Administration, and Maintenance) turkey solution for device and network elements management and 4G eMBMS technology.  In addition, via DoIT A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program, many Taiwan's companies have obtained funding from this program to accelerate its development in 5G related products. Today, we partner with 13 companies and research teams to demonstrate 10 technologies and applications in which some of industrial partners' solutions are already parts of the global industry chain. In the future, DoIT will be committed in building our own supply chain through 5G verification field, and expediting the development of 5G private network and Open RAN ecosystem, expecting to reach an output of NTD 50 billion by 2022. On the other hand, B5G/6G technology will also be our top priorities, with greater participation in B5G/6G international R&D collaboration and standard formulation to keep up the pace with international trends.  

The "DoIT's 5G Technology Program Achievement Display" pavilion is the largest showcase of the achievements of the 5G technology programs. This themed exhibition is participated by ITRI, III, and leading companies like Intel, Chunghwa Telecom, ELTA, Mediatek, Compal, Auden, Alpha Networks, WNC, Gigabyte, Quanta, Askey, Lightspeed International, and Synergy Design Technology, exhibiting Taiwan's 5G vertical technology and innovative applications, including 5G private network management system, 5G light EPC, iMEC, 5G small cell smart management and the H2020 collaborative project between Taiwan and the E.U. At the venue, edge gaming, thin client, and low-latency technologies are showcased through 5G SA network, offering new gaming experience of 5G Street Fighter; eMBMS sports event application also enables visitors to also gain profound impressions, in addition to experiences, of 5G. Also, the pavilion exhibits achievements of innovative applications in collaboration with the E.U., with a focus on the results of the second phase of Horizon 2020 EU-TW TOC, 5G CONNI, 5G DIVE project, such as smart factory AR processing assistant application, and disaster response applications and functionalities, including drone image end-to-end connection and image target detection, displaying Taiwan's strengths in international and interdisciplinary 5G R&D.

The "Technology Forum on the Achievements of 5G Technology Programs" is a technical forum held in the Industrial Demo session on December 9th by III, ADLINK, and FFG. Themed "5G iRAN for Factories of the Future," the demo presents the factory of the future built on the production line of FFG by combining III's 5G communications and core network technology and ADLINK's robotics and data distribution service. Real-time production data is collected through the network of machines, driving the replacement of manual transportation of raw materials by the AMR autonomous dispatch system; edge computing is applied to the production line to enable AOI of defects, overcoming the problem of quality instability resulted from manual inspection; 5G AR smart glasses are introduced to achieve remote assistance, inspection and repair. All data of the production line is collected through 5G network in the war room system, proving that the factory of the future is not just a fantasy.

As countries around the world are now launching 6G communications R&D, DoIT is proactively deploying in advance and specially plans the "6G Summit" with GLOBECOM, inviting heavyweight representatives of the domestic and overseas industry, academia, and public sector, including Vodafone Chair Professor Gerhard Fettweis from Germany, Keysight Technologies 5G and 6G Program Manager Roger Nichols from the U.S., and NTT Docomo Vice President Takehiro Nakamura, to share the latest global trends in the development of B5G/6G and 5G vertical applications and scenarios/current commercialization status, and discuss how to extend the visions and opportunities of 5G into 6G, realizing 6G technologies that enable applications and services of remote-control mobile robots and energy conservation, so that Taiwan can join the rest of the world in the exploration of forward-looking issues in the scope of 6G, and learn the potential strengths and directions of its future 6G R&D.

5G Technology Program Achievement Seminar and Display

- "DoIT's 5G Technology Program Achievement Display" Pavilion (DO IT! 5G End-to-End System)
Time: 2020-12-08 09:00 ~ 2020-12-10 17:30
Location: TICC RM 101 (No. 1, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Taipei)

- Technology Forum on the Achievements of 5G Technology Program
Time: 2020-12-09 11:00 ~ 2020-12-09 12:30
Location: TICC RM 102 (No. 1, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Taipei)

- 6G Summit
Time: 2020-12-10 13:00 ~ 18:00
Location: TICC RM 201A, B, C, D, E (No. 1, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Taipei)

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