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Novel Display Technologies and System Integration Applications at Touch Taiwan 2021
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2021-09-03 11:04
Open new window for DOIT demonstrates the progression of display system related research programs performed by ITRI, and collaborates with TDUA, Innolux and DARWIN.(jpg)
Department of Industrial Technology (DOIT), MOEA, has been cooperating intensively with industrial and research partners to develop advanced high-value display technological applications. The latest R&D achievements and novel applications were showcased at Touch Taiwan 2021 in Taipei in late April. Highlights of this year's exhibits include a floating stereoscopic interactive system applied in the touchless elevator panel, a smart transparent car window that merges physical and virtual reality with display dynamic tourism information, a panel level redistribution layer (RDL) integrated thin-film 5G filter and many more.
Open new window for The ITRI's Floating Stereoscopic Interactive System enables DARWIN to develop touchless elevator panel application.(jpg)
Open new window for The ITRI's Panel Level RDL related technologies funding by DOIT enable the film-type filters development for 5G applications.(jpg)

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