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CIE-Taiwan 2021 General Assembly Reaches Consensus on Standardization for Application, Testing, and Certification of UVC LEDs
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2021-10-01 11:00
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As the pandemic heightens the importance of sanitization, UVC LEDs have enjoyed a surge of popularity in the market due to their disinfection effect. Noticing the potential of UVC LEDs, the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs sponsored the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the International Commission on Illumination-Taiwan (CIE-Taiwan), and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University for the CIE-Taiwan 2021 General Assembly and Conference on June 29th. Under the theme of "Advanced UV for Life," optics experts from ITRI, CIE-Taiwan, academia, and industries came together to share the market trends and strategic development of UVC and LED products. The general assembly also discussed the application, testing, and certification of UVC LEDs for future product design and regulations.

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