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Inter-ministerial cooperation led by MOEA yielded the construction of a Covid-19 testing booth in the Hsinchu Science Park, the first in all of Taiwan's science parks.
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2021-11-03 16:24
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"The station provides one-stop services in collecting samples and testing, helping to ensure Taiwan's industrial supply chain."

The Hsinchu Science Park is the hub of Taiwan's high-tech and semiconductor industries. In recent years, the over 580 factories in the zone have generated an annual output valued at more than NT$1 trillion. With over 150,000 employees, the park holds an important position in the global supply chain.

In May 2021, Taiwan experienced a sudden Covid-19 outbreak. In order to boost the ability of enterprises in preventing the spread of the virus, urgent consultations between the MOEA, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Labor has taken place. With promotion and coordination by Minister Mei-Hua Wang and Hsinchu Mayor Chih-Chien Lin, the Hsinchu Science Park launched the first Covid-19 testing booth of Taiwan Science Parks on June 3, demonstrating the commitment of the government on working with industries to fight the pandemic.

The highest standards were applied in the testing station, which included a rapid sample collection area, a PCR testing facility, and follow-up facilities and services. The rapid sample collection area consisted of a pre-fab structure and a positive pressure testing booth developed by ITRI. Between 80 and 100 samples could be collected and tested daily, with hopes that the rapid testing and immediate isolation of the infected could reduce the risk of infection to people working in the science park. This helped guarantee the safety and stability of Taiwan's high-tech industrial supply chain.

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Open new window for The positive pressure testing booths in the Hsinchu Science Park help companies in the park step up their epidemic prevention efforts.(jpg)

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