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ITRI's BioMS-Ti won 2021 R&D 100 Awards
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2022-02-07 09:10
Open new window for BioMS-Ti can print different types of implants to treat various injuries, such as bone screws/nails, sacral plate, and interbody fusion cages.(jpg)
BioMS-Ti (3D Printing Biomimetic Materials and Structures for Tissue Integration) is a biomedical material that can accelerate the rapid fusion between soft and hard tissues after injuring the cruciate ligament. It's shortened recovery time, sturdier and will not easily come loose to result in a second injury, and the high load intensity even allows for safer and lasting implantation.

Technology-wise, BioMS-Ti is an application of 3D model reconstruction, customized designs and additive layer manufacturing technologies to form a combination of three main features: First, the products have high strength and porosity. In terms of the printed material, the structure has high density and porosity. BioMS-Ti's fatigue test also resulted in >5,000,000 cycles and boasts a high strength of 20-200 Mpa (controllable). Second, the implants are conducive to new bone growth. Composite materials such as biomedical ceramics or induction drugs can be added to the implant to foster bone cell growth, improving the recovery time of patients. Third, the technology can potentially have a wide variety of applications.

This innovative technology platform has tremendous potential in new generation orthopedic and sports medicine applications that can be applied in sports and orthopedic implants for soft and hard tissue integration. The hybrid structures of BioMS-Ti not only allow for tissue ingrowth but also provide necessary biomechnical strengths for different tissues, shortening the rehabilitation protocols for better mobility recovery. BioMS-Ti have been authorized to Ingrowth Inc., and new products including bone screws and intervertebral cages have been launched into the market. In the future, the compound material properties of BioMS-Ti can even assist the chemical and textile industries in branching into the biomedical industry, and ITRI has already begun discussions with medical institutions and biomedical material manufacturers for further cooperation.
Open new window for The interbody fusion cage is used during reconstructive operations on the spine.(jpg)
Open new window for BioMS-Ti's bone screws are designed to avoid dangerous areas with customized install locations.(jpg)

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