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ITRI's Ubiquitous Water Wand (UWAW) Wins the 2021 R&D100 Awards
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2022-01-17 09:15
Open new window for Scenario of UWAW application in apartment buildings for access to clean water and energy saving in air cooling.(png)
The fact that over 1 billion people around the world lack access to clean water sources, 2.7 billion people experience water shortage for at least 1 month per year, and many more are depending on bottled water for living, clearly indicates that  drinking water is an important issue needed to be addressed.

UWAW uses an ultrahigh-efficiency vapor/air separation membrane to extract clean water molecules from the air we breathe. Due to pressure difference across the membrane, water molecules from humid air can selectively diffuse through the membrane and be separated from the air. Clean water can then be collected at the bottom of a vacuum condenser.
UWAW is the first commercially available water-maker that taps to no water sources, cooling media, or water filters. The water so produced can meet stringent semiconductor standards, no mentioning of drinking water standards. So, it poses no issues associated with some drinking water, such as residual chloride from water treatment plants, hormonal contamination from bottled water with environmental pollution, or water degradation due to ill-maintenance of heavily burdened water filtration system. The UWAW can be installed ubiquitously, so water source pollution due to dense population is no longer a threat. Users can also buy less bottled water to reduce huge amount of waste plastic. In addition, UWAW can be installed on building rooftops. The dry air produced after partial water extraction can be mixed with building's internal air to reduce the extra energy required for water condensation in air-conditioning systems.
Open new window for The densely stacked structures of GOs in UWAW forming a water molecule passage with high permeability.(png)
Open new window for UWAW module can be made in the lab via a scraper spreading machine for membrane preparation, and a membrane module for module packing.(png)

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