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The Continuous Type Heat Treatment System Equipment for Micro Parts
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2022-02-17 10:00
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The Continuous Type Heat Treatment System Equipment for Micro Parts (#CTHT) honorably received 2021 R&D100 Awards and Edison Awards. MIRDC's CTHT provides the heat treatment industry and the precision machinery industry with customized, intelligent production solutions. The unique system equipment is designed for less than 2mm micro components. The integration of automatic feeding, automatic monitoring, carburizing quenching furnace for real-time adjustment, innovative oil tank, collecting device and intelligent digital services improve the collecting rate, shorten production time, reduce dependence on labors to ensure consistent quality. The said equipment enables the overall collecting rate achieve 100%, the yield rate reaches 99%, reduce the delivery schedule and equipment costs also improve the competitiveness of domestic manufacturing industry.

Through technology transfer and industrial service, CTHT helped SHA YANG YE Company successfully enter the international well-known brand's (Tesla and Bosch) component supply chain, also has been promoted to optoelectronic semiconductors, 3C products, healthcare machinery, robots, electric vehicles/motorcycles, aerospace, etc. In the future, MIRDC will re-enhance R&D results for innovative technology to strengthen industrial development capabilities and speed up industry utilization of the results, to ultimately promote sustainable development and growth of Taiwan's industries.
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