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2021-12-21 13:28
Taiwan Power Company

Here Comes the Super Cute Taipower 2022 The Heart of Power Calendar to Peruse Through Taiwan's Power History

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Taipower promoted its 2022 calendar, "The Heart of Taipower 2022".
Cultural heritage can also be very interesting and attractive! Following the 2020 "Taipower for a Better Life" calendar and the "Daily Taipower 2021" calendar that use a surrealistic style, arousing a heated discussion, Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) promoted its calendar "The Heart of Taipower 2022" this year to continue to flip the aesthetics of the state-owned enterprise. Taipower stated that the Company has joined hands with Elephant Design and Kuo-Cheng Liao, an illustrator, to create a calendar featuring cultural heritage. The calendar has been designed with a modern illustration method, and super cute Taipower workers have been created to reinterpret Taipower's rich power deposits over the past 70 plus years. The calendar presents the condensed epitome of Taiwan's economic development and power evolution over the years. Taipower's 2022 calendar and desk calendar can be pre-ordered at the Government Publications Bookstore, Wunan Books, and through the online platforms of momo and books.com. If you are a fan of culture and history of electrical power, you shouldn't miss out!

Taipower has long been devoted to a stable power supply and friendliness towards the environment. In recent years, the Company has been actively cultivating soft power, and its project, "Light up 13 Layer Remains," a piece of public art that revitalizes cultural heritage, "Taipower D/S One," the first green energy exhibition +center in Taiwan, and the cultural heritage exhibition of "Just Flow" all won Germany's Red Dot Design Award last year. Taipower stated that the Company exists for the everyone's power needs, and silently supplies power to support everyone's livelihood and economic development. Taipower also continues to communicate and interact with society in diverse ways through both culture and aesthetics. This year, Taipower has further integrated the spirit of cultural heritage preservation with a calendar that touches close to home in the hopes that it will bring about a brand-new sensory experience.

Taipower explained that the visual imagery of the calendar was designed and planned by Elephant Design that was in charge of the main visual design for the Flag Raising Ceremony at the Office of the President in 2021. The design company also collaborated with Kuo-Cheng Liao, an illustrator, whose work has been published in the Wall Street Journal. 12 themes that are closest to people's everyday life have been selected from the cultural heritage of power over the past 70 plus years. The calendar begins with Taipower workers who provide the power required for modern daily living, and a 45-degree angle relief illustration style has been adopted along with power articles from different eras to guide people along as they browse through the evolution of power in Taiwan.

Taipower stated that the January calendar presents Taiwan Power Company Headquarters Building, Taiwan's first building to exceed 100 meters in height, and Taipower's other representative buildings from different eras to show the traces of Taipower Headquarters' relocations. The February calendar depicts daily scenes of Taipower workers erecting power poles and connecting power cables out in fields during the rural electrification of the 1950s. The August calendar starts with the construction of underground electric cables that began in Taipei in 1965 to tell stories about transformer boxes commonly seen on the streets. The November calendar leads us to look back upon the scene of power bill collectors going back and forth everywhere in the city, collecting payments for electricity back in the early days. Although the times keep changing, Taipower employees always hold fast to their duties, and their wishes of bringing power to each household never change. Moreover, Taipower indicated that the visual imagery of the calendar has been extended to desk calendars, year planners, cards and other products. Next year, the visual imagery will be applied to the envelopes for electric bills as a nice reminder each and every day.

Taipower said that the 2022 calendar can be pre-ordered at the Government Publications Bookstore, Wunan Books, and the online platforms of momo and books.com with 300 copies each. The price for the calendar is NT$300, and you can enjoy 15% off by pre-ordering. The calendars are available while stocks last. People who are interested are welcome to seize the opportunity to purchase this collector's calendar.

In addition to integrating cultural heritage with the calendar and diverse communication and interaction with the society, Taipower has been compiling and organizing cultural and historical data step by step since 2016. Additionally, Taipower has mobilized several scores of units and over one hundred employees to thoroughly check tens of thousands of pieces of cultural heritage. With the rise of the "Cultural Route" concept featuring industries, Taipower stated that the Company will draw lessons from practical experience both home and abroad, check the existing cultural resources of the power industry, and conduct in-depth research and on-site investigation to explore more potential fields.

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