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2021-12-24 15:28
Taiwan Power Company

Taiower Builds Giant Wind Turbine Check-in Wall with 100,000 Building Blocks at Christmasland in New Taipei City to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary of Taipower D/S One

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Taipower D/S One held the opening press conference for the special exhibition for the 2nd anniversary celebration at Taipower D/S One today.
 Located in the Xinban Special District by Banqiao Station, Taiwan Power Company's Taipower D/S One is the first green energy exhibition center in Taiwan. Under the exhibition center is a substation that offers over 600 GWh of electricity for New Taipei City in a single year. The exhibition center features the kinetic interaction of energy resources and a gymnasium, and has subsequently been reputed as the "most interesting exhibition center in Taiwan." Over 80,000 people have visited Taipower D/S One since it was opened in 2019. Additionally, it has won Germany's Red Dot Design Award. Today (24th) marks the 2nd anniversary of Taipower D/S One, and to respond to the New Taipei City Christmasland LEGO theme in 2021, Taipower joined up with the Taiwan-made building blocks brand and illustrators to hold a special exhibition and construct a five meter-tall wind turbine that spins with nearly 100,000 building blocks, as well as the largest 3D building block mural in Taiwan. You are welcome to check in on social media and take beautiful photos at Christmasland during the Christmas and New Year holidays.
 Taipower held an opening press conference for the special exhibition "Empowering Our Life," marking the 2nd anniversary celebration at Taipower D/S One this afternoon. The event was hosted by Taipower Chairman Wei-Fuu Yang, and he witnessed the 2nd anniversary celebration for the exhibition center and attended the opening ceremony of the special exhibition with distinguished guests from all walks of life including Ming-Wen Chang, the Director of New Taipei City Government's Education Bureau; Chih-Wei Chiang, the Director of Tourism Bureau; Jing-Bang Lin, the Deputy Director of Economic Development Bureau; and Chin-Hsiang Yen, the Deputy Director of National Academy for Educational Research.
 Taipower stated that the Company has been conducting educational activities on energy resources with its exhibition space and educational activities in recent years to have heartfelt connections with people. The English name for the Taipower D/S One that opened on December 24, 2019 came from the name of the distribution substation (D/S) pointing at its being the first exhibition center right above the distribution substation in Taiwan. Featuring the spirit of "green, wisdom, and the future," Taipower D/S One has incorporated concepts of design and sustainability to integrate energy resources with kinetic interaction and diverse performances of ENERGYM to make it fun to visit an exhibition. Since its opening, Taipower D/S One has won 9 awards both at home and abroad, including Germany's 2020 Red Dot Design Award, the Golden Award of Muse Design Awards organized by International Award Association (IAA) in the US, and this year's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award from Global Views Monthly. At the end of last year when Taipower D/S One celebrated its first anniversary, Taipower collaborated with Li-Ling Wang, a renowned fashion designer inducted into the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) hall of fame, to turn the exhibition center into a catwalk, holding an unprecedented "Experimental Sustainable Fashion Show."    
  Taipower pointed out that the 21 wind turbines of the Fangyuan Offshore Wind Farm Phase 1 in Changhua officially started electricity generation in August this year. The installed capacity of these wind turbines is 109.2 MW and can generate approximately 360 GWh of electricity in a year, providing electricity for nearly 90,000 households for an entire year. This is the first of Taipower's offshore wind farms, and it is an important milestone for the development of green energy from the land to the ocean. Taipower, in its special exhibition for the 2nd anniversary of Taipower D/S One, integrated with the concept of offshore wind turbines, has joined up with Genius Toy Taiwan Co., Ltd., Taiwan's own building block brand, along with Chih-Sheng Liu, a building block master, to create a 1:35 scale model of a 5-meter tall gigantic building block offshore wind turbine at the entrance of the exhibition center using 20,000 building blocks.    
  Taipower indicated that base framework of the building block wind turbine is made of metal. Different sized building blocks, along with a motor and electric control equipment were used to enable building blocks to rotate like a real wind turbine. The fan blades of the wind turbine are nearly 2 meters long. Even machine tools for aerial work were used when the block-replica wind turbine was created. Additionally, Taipower worked with Kuo-Cheng Liao, a famous illustrator whose work has been published in the Wall Street Journal to create "the largest building block mural in Taiwan" using nearly 80,000 made-in-Taiwan building blocks, 2 cubic centimeters each, on the wall at the entrance of the exhibition center. The mural, which is 660 centimeters in width and 400 centimeters in height, features offshore wind turbines. It's both cute and magnificent. Feel free to check in on social media and take photos in front of the wind turbine!
The special exhibition for the 2nd anniversary of Taipower D/S One runs from today to February 28, 2022. In addition to the huge wind turbine and 3D building block mural created with 100,000 building blocks, Taipower D/S One has planned a series of free activities including the creation activity for the building block mural wall, the workshop of wind power energy and so on for people to experience and participate in during the exhibition. Additionally, you might have the chance to win the building blocks of a little tiger for the Lunar New Year. For more information about the event, please visit the Facebook fan page of Taipower D/S One.

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