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2022-08-11 09:47
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Industrial Development Bureau guides the towel industry to high-end customization

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The seminar on customized sampling was held by TTRI on October 22, 2021, with 40 manufacturers participating.
Commissioned by the Industrial Development Bureau in 2021, the Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) assisted in the establishment of high-end digitalization - "Demonstration production Line for Customized Sampling." The main promotion focuses on online customized design, demonstration production line for customized sampling and cloud service platform for customization, to help the towel industry actively build up core competence to cope with the needs of sampling orders and small but diverse quantities.

The machine and equipment for high-end digitalization-"Demonstration production Line for Customized Towel" include ring-warping machine, automatic jacquard sample loom, schiffle machine, digital printing machine and live-stream center, etc. The demonstration line strengthened the manufacturers and the general public to learn about the new design and manufacturing process in time and to help the towel industry to transform into high-end customized services instantly. Meanwhile, for fashion design and rapid proposal, the "Digital Platform System for Design" is also introduced. AI tools such as image identification and decomposition, deformation design and color matching are applied to the towel industry to develop high value-added products.

The manufacturing process of towels has been greatly shortened after the introduction of the digital platform system for design with the automatic jacquard sample loom. For instance, towels used to take 60 days from the beginning of sampling in the past , but now,  it takes only 20 days after combining with the automatic jacquard sample loom which immediately meets customers' urgent and extraordinary time-sensitive needs and increase fruitful benefits.
The Design Atelier has helped towel manufacturers transition through rapid sampling during the COVID-19 epidemics in 2021. In the future, the towel industry will further strengthen customized sampling through in-site services to increase its real time response ability to the market and order flexibility to the clients. While the research investment, the innovation and the access to the international market are encouraged in tact.

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