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2022-08-11 10:59
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

New Strategies for Polymer Industry- Value Added , Recycling, Digital Upgrade

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New strategies for adding value, recycling and digital upgrading in polymer industry
Having evaluated the impact of the global market on the domestic plastics industry in Taiwan, IDB has been assisting the plastic products industry to promote advanced recycling technologies since 2020. With the professional knowledge and expertise of PIDC, to help the plastic products industry to gain a firm foothold in the international market.
Some advanced recycled materials were selected, such as long fiber reinforced composites, polyolefins, and carbon fibers to develop finished products. Those products well satisfy the market's needs, such as electric hot melt gun shell parts, green advocate bottles, servo motor parts, etc.
PIDC continues to integrate recycling thermoplastic composite materials, product design, long fiber composites injection and profile extrusion process. Having developed the "'MoJoin' Recycling Modular Wall System" product with alliance manufacturers (Nanya, Mingzhan, etc.). In addition, the finished products have been successfully promoted in foreign countries with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, and won the Gold Award for Architecture and Bronze Award for Innovation in Solar Decathlon Europe 2022.
Furthermore, PIDC has also cooperated with the Homemakers Union to launch recycled packaging containers, such as Green Laundry Detergent Bottles and Alcohol Bottles for the past two years. These products were sold on the market and revealed at the 20th anniversary of The Homemakers Union.
PIDC assisted Yaguo to set up an online sales platform. The injection digital process and material database were optimized and which were applied to increase the yield rate and price of plastic products by 20%. It has become the best example of the e-commerce model in the plastic products industry. At the same time, by using this business model, it created a "TronBlox" furniture building block brand.

Facing future challenges, The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) will continue to assist the plastics industry to strengthen the market competitiveness of the plastics industry and initiate new industrial strategies-value-added, recycling, and digital upgrading.

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