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2022-08-12 11:22
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Moea supports the Machine Tool Industry new machine cultivates new combat skills

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The teaching curriculum of Campro's Vertical Machining Center in the National Chin-Yi Shiu University of Technology
Taiwan Machinery Tool Industry suffered operation and exporting challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. To revitalize the machine tool industry and close the gap between education and industry, the Executive Yuan announced a new Revitalization project involving cooperation between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Education in September 2020. This project aimed to upgrade the machine tools in the campus, enhance the cooperation between the academies and the machine tool industry, and revitalize the industry and cultivating talents.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs invested NT$2.144 billion, and 125 schools purchased 1,707 domestic machines and 1,349 sets of components. Up to 193 domestic machine tools and parts manufacturers are involved, and the manufacturers fulfilled all the contracts in March 2022. Schools can use them as teaching tools or for research purposes in the future.
Taiwan Machinery Industry has a good reputation in the global market. It is one of few trillion output value industries in Taiwan. Present Tsai introduced the "five plus two" innovative industries plan, and "Smart Machinery" is one of them. In the past five years, the government has promoted "Smart Machinery Industry Innovation Policy" by helping enterprises set up the digital basement using M2M technology and further applying AI and cloud service technology. Moreover, it enhances the digital capability of industries in Taiwan and promotes digital reconstruction by transforming traditional manufacturers into system integration service providers. In addition, the government also promotes the industry-academia cooperation plan to help the industry nurture smart manufacturing talents. By upgrading of high-end machine tools in the school, the industry and academia can jointly offer courses related to the value-added application of smart manufacturing, and to cultivate high-level manufacturing talents, industry in needs.
The global economy is currently facing supply chain restructuring and re-distribution. To help the industry copes with this dramatic change, the Ministry of Economic Affairs continues to assist the industry to strengthen its smart manufacturing capabilities, so that industry may grows in stability and seizes business opportunities in the changing situation. It eventually allowed Taiwan to become an "Asian Advanced Manufacturing Center" and define Taiwan's core position in the global supply chain.
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