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2022-08-25 17:12
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Carbon Emissions Calculator, an IDB New Released Tool to Support Enterprise's Control on Carbon Emissions

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'Web Portal: Carbon Emissions Calculator'
In order to assist the industry to respond to the carbon reduction requirements derived from the international net zero emissions, the European Union Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the carbon reduction trend of the green supply chain, the Ministry of Economic Affairs adopts the model from large to SMEs, large plus small, workshop training, establishment of carbon inventory calculators, guidance of carbon inspection/carbon footprint, and analysis of carbon reduction hots diffusion, suppliers and media experts introducing technology for carbon reduction to assist the industries to gradually construct carbon inventory and carbon reduction capabilities.
Industrial Development Bureau, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has officially put on the carbon inventory calculator on the 30th to assist small and medium-sized manufacturing industries to take the first step of carbon reduction through simple digital tools.
The enterprises take stock of the energy or equipment used in the factory, find the corresponding electricity bill, fuel list (such as liquefied natural gas, fuel oil, gasoline, coal) and other data, and enter the annual usage of each field of the calculator respectively, so that they can easily estimate their annual carbon emissions.
Industrial Development Bureau urged that the first step in carbon reduction is to calculate the "carbon inventory". Only by mastering the carbon emission source can we gradually implement carbon reduction work. It is considered that there are many small and medium-sized manufacturers in Taiwan.
The carbon emission sources are mainly electricity. In the past, the SMEs rarely mastered their own greenhouse gas emissions, and developed and applied to small and medium-sized manufacturing industries. Carbon check calculator.
The Bureau of Industry, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has held 12 "Carbon Disk Check and Carbon Footprint Workshops" in the first quarter of this year, more than 1,800 people were attended. In response to the huge demand for industrial training, 10 workshops will be held in the second quarter, and experts will be sent to the Industry Association to explain, and it is planned to work with the National Federation of Industry and various industries.
The association conducts 20 workshops and trainings for its members and suppliers, and expands the introduction of carbon disk inspection practices and the use of calculators. It believes that in the future, with industrial cooperation, it will continue to improve the carbon management capabilities of small and medium-sized manufacturing industries and jointly respond to this wave of global net zero competitions.
For more information on the carbon emissions calculator, please visit https://pj.ftis.org.tw/CFC/CFC/Index. Any demand for the consultation of greenhouse gas inventory or carbon reduction, please refer to https://ghg.tgpf.org.tw/.
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