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2022-08-24 12:03
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Taiwan-Japan Semiconductor Smart Manufacturing Alliance Aligning with the international trend of Net Zero Carbon Emissions

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6th TaiwanJapan Smart Manufacturing Forum Director General of Industrial Development Bureau, Jang-Hwa Lu  (right 1) MOU signing
In response to the global trend of smart production and the need for carbon reduction and energy saving, Smart Machinery Promotion Office and Taiwan Electronics Equipment Association (TEEIA) jointly organized the '6th Taiwan-Japan Smart Manufacturing Forum 2022' on August 23, focusing on the new opportunities for supply chain cooperation in line with the trend of global high-end semiconductor manufacturing and net zero carbon emissions, with the aim of promoting the exchange of technology and business opportunities between Taiwan and Japan's smart manufacturing industries.
The Forum was opened by Mr. Jang-Hwa Leu, Director General of IDB, MOEA and Mr. Takashi HATTORI, Chief Deputy Representative of Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association. In the opening remark, Vice Minister Lin affirmed that the Taiwan-Japan industrial chain is highly complementary. Taiwan has complete supply chain capabilities, and leading the world in advanced semiconductor processes and packaging, while Japanese companies have advantages in basic research and lead in semiconductor equipment and materials. TSMC has recently invested cutting-edge Fab in Japan and joined hands in semiconductor R&D and manufacturing, forming a resilient alliance between Japan's strengths in semiconductor materials, optical components, and automotive semiconductors and Taiwan's total solutions for intelligent machinery.
Mitsubishi Electric, NTT DATA, DISCO, HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM, AUO Digitech, and NETIGATE shared the trendy development and advanced technology of smart manufacturing in Taiwan and Japan enlightened with the application cases of high-end smart manufacturing, and solutions of smart manufacturing for net zero carbon emission.
The forum also led to the signing of the MOU between Taiwan Creating Nano Technologies and Japan Otsuka Information Technology on semiconductor smart machinery technology. The two parties will collaborate on the development of smart and advanced wafer mask surface plasma cleaning equipment and integrated system algorithm of Creating Nano Technologies combine with precision measurement module of Otsuka Technology.
The global manufacturing industry's moving toward net zero carbon emissions has becoming the mainstream in recent years. In addition to the small amount of diversity and flexible production patterns, how to take care of carbon reduction and energy saving during digital transformation has also become the key for SMEs to the international business community. To this end, this forum will focus on how to use emerging technologies such as smart grid, AI, IoT, Cloud, etc. to enhance smart manufacturing to fulfill the international pledge of net zero carbon emission.
Taiwan and Japan have long been resilient and trustful economic and trade partners. Both sides have been cooperating seamlessly in semiconductor high-end industries. Taiwan has a strong semiconductor supply chain and is taking big step towards the goal of becoming a semiconductor advanced process center.
We will continue to deepen international cooperation and exchange through the forum platform and strive to become the best partner of global smart manufacturing.

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