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2022-08-31 13:42
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

2022 Taiwan-Indonesia Industry Chain Summit Forum will be held on August 19 Long-term deep cultivation and cooperation to create mutual benefit and win-win prosperity

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2022 Taiwan-Indonesia Industry Chain Summit Forum will be held on August 19
This year's 'Taiwan-Indonesia Industry Chain Summit' was grandly held in Taipei and Jakarta on August 19. Under the circumstance that Covid-19 has a huge impact on the world, Taiwan and Indonesia still managed all difficulties to organize a video conference between the two countries. More than 300 people from the Representatives of industry, government, academia and research institutes of both sides have participated in physical and online meetings, to discuss the opportunities and models of industrial cooperation between the two sides, expand the field of industrial cooperation, and conduct international exchanges.
Since 2017, in order to build a platform for industrial cooperation and exchanges, Taiwan and Indonesia, through the guidance of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the National Federation of Industry of the Republic of China, have hosted the 'Industrial Chain Summit Forum', 'Food Biotechnology' and 'Internet of Things and Electronics' and other fields. Under the epidemic situation, the industries of both sides have continued to maintain close interaction, creating substantial cooperation cases and driving international cooperation opportunities.
This industry summit forum first kicked off with a review film over the years, and the opening remarks were delivered by Yang Yinming, the convener of our Federation of Industry, and Retina Rosabai, chairman of the KADIN Taiwan Committee of the Indonesian Federation of Industry, given an encouragement to the industrial cooperation between the two parties, Foreign representative offices and industrial sectors also expressed their support for the forum activities.
Yang Zhiqing, deputy director general of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, expressed his gratitude to the Indonesian Ministry of Industry for establishing a good industrial exchange platform with Taiwan. Through the forum, the platform resources were integrated and fruitful results were achieved.
Next year's summit forum will be hosted by Indonesia. It is hoped that the two sides can remove the obstacles of the epidemic and cooperation, continue to activate the substantive exchanges between two countries, and make progress together and expand their international vision.
In terms of specific industrial cooperation, this year, we continued to arrange sub-forums in 4 major fields, including 'ships', 'metal processing','food biotechnology' and 'Internet of things and electronics', and signed 5 memorandums of cooperation. Among them, Taiwan Keji Interactive Co., Ltd. and Indonesia Abacus POS Indonesia jointly develop the Indonesian market, provide contactless catering solutions, enhance the added value of both products and services, and to increase the visibility of Taiwan's contactless technology in Indonesia; Taiwan Internet of Things Co., Ltd. assisted with Indonesian IPB Agricultural University Institute of Technology to provide Indonesian drone agricultural spraying talent training, established smart agricultural demonstration areas, and promoted local agricultural business and business matching. In addition, the Taiwan Computer Aided Molding Technology Exchange Association (ACMT) Indonesia Branch, and Indonesia Industrial Manpower Development Agency (BPSDMI), have established an Industry 4.0 cooperation platform in the metal electromechanical industry, to link industry-academia technology application and industry-academia cooperation, and assist Taiwan's smart machinery industry chain through the Industry Alliance (ISMA) to expand investment in Indonesia.
The signing of the above cooperation memorandums is expected to further strengthen the diversified cooperation and development with various industries in Indonesia.
In addition, Taiwan and Indonesia have also held official-level cooperation discussions on issues such as industrial zone development and Industry 4.0 talent training. Among them, the relevant Indonesian side has proposed topics related to the development of industrial zones. After our evaluation, priority can be given to the Indonesian side for cooperation and discussion on the topics of smart public facilities and circular economy. In addition, the industry 4.0 talent training part is expected to focus on training cooperation in the field of metal electromechanical industry, and then gradually expand to other fields.
The Taiwan-Indonesia Industrial Link Summit Forum is a part of the new Southbound Policy. The subsequent promotion of the forum will focus on private industries, promote the establishment of the Asia-Pacific industrial platform, and substantial cooperation with other countries. Through information integration and docking, the stakeholders hope to lead Taiwan and Indonesia to have a better relationship and lead Taiwanese industries to develop the Asia-Pacific market.

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