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2022-08-24 13:27
Taiwan Sugar Corporation

TSC road running moves to Chiayi. Sign up for run, TSC donating to charity for you

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TSC chairman Chen Chao-yih accompanied by Liu Pei-tong and Little Pi's mom, Ms. Chen Chia-ling at the press conference
The first sugar railway in Taiwan which connects the THSR is going to open to traffic in Chiayi where 2022 TSC charity run is held. On Dec. 4, TSC charity run will be launched in Suantou Sugar Factory Cultural Park. Registration is now open until Sept. 30. TSC will donate NT$50 worth of its products to the Resource Bank of Chiayi County for every registered runner. TSC invites everyone to run for charity and get together in Chiayi.

TSC chairman Chen Chao-yih accompanied by Liu Pei-tong, deputy Magistrate of Chiayi County announced at today's press conference that 2022 TSC charity run grandly kicks off in Suantou Sugar Factory Cultural Park. The runners will get a chance to run along with the slowest sugar railway all the way to the fastest THSR. They can take a lap around the National Palace Museum's southern branch and be the first to explore the planned extension of the sugar railway. The runners can sense the sweet smell of sugarcane molasses, see the magnificent museum building, enjoy the marvelous scenery of Jianan Plain, the largest plain of the island, and experience passion, enthusiasm, and downshifting lifestyle in Chiayi.

The running event continues its tradition of donating NT$50 worth of TSC products to charity for each runner. The event also invites the well-known mother-son team of Little Pi in the running community. "In order to create happy memories for her son with cerebral palsy, the mother (Ms. Chen Chia-ling) has been running with her son in a jogging stroller since 2017," TSC said. Ms. Chen was born in Chiayi so the company specially invites two of them to return home for the run. Thule Group gives them a specially-designed jogging stroller, and hopes they can fully enjoy the road running.

"There are 3 running routes, 21.5 km, 13.5 km, and 5.0 km," TSC said. After registering, each runner can get a commemorative sweatshirt and a face cloth featuring DIEMA Locomotive Sugar Cane Train in the Suantou Sugar Factory. Each finisher will receive a gift pack including Taiwan golden sugar, TSC wafer rolls, sugar railway medals, cellphone holders or gadgets according to the routes, and Taisun Ten Treasure Mixed Congee which total up to a market value of NT$2000.

On the date of the event, there are the sugar cultural experience zone, stalls of gourmet foods, charities, and merchandise, and also a mobile diner Puncar in Suantou Sugar Factory Cultural Park. Come to 2022 TSC charity run and have fun with us. More information please visit the website or FB fans page of 2020 TSC charity run.

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